Stories of Breakthrough

My Sister

Cancer took my grandmother, mother, stepfather, and brother. A little over 18 months ago, it tried to take my sisters, who are identical twins. We beat it back with prayer and fasting. Through faith in God we decided cancer was not going to take any more members of our family. Since we made that decision we haven’t heard a peep out of cancer. But it did leave something in its wake, a real love for God. But what does that have to do with politics?

 Like my mother, father, stepfather and brothers and sisters, I was once a Democrat, a dyed in the wool, liberal. My aim in life was to get what was owed me and maybe help others get theirs. I was a racist and a victim. It was time to make someone pay and take what had been denied me and others like me. And the only political party that seemed as though it wanted to help me or even had an interest in me was the Democratic Party. The Republican seemed aloof, rich and indifferent to my plight. Indeed, I felt they were part of the reason I was where I was at that time. Or so I believed.

Then I became a Christian and shortly thereafter, a conservative Republican. What happened? My paradigm changed.  My eyes were opened. I ceased being a victim.  I stopped blaming other people for my character flaws, took responsibility, and began walking in faith and subsequently love, joy and power. But as I began to walk in this newness of life, I saw that I was leaving people behind. I was leaving my family behind. How could I bring them forward with me?

Calamity has a way of making you cry out to God. When cancer threatened my sisters, that’s what we did, we cried out to God. Everyday and night we sought God in prayer. When the cancer disappeared, we praised. As my sister’s relationship with God grew, her mind began to clear and where once the word “politic” could not be raised in a conversation (and President Obama could not be criticized ), now it could, she could hear the truth and we could debate our points of view, but not secularly or with worldly arguments but with spiritual truths. And as we “examined the world according to God” she began to see things as God saw them and some of the things she had once found acceptable became unacceptable. Abortion, same sex marriage, stealing from one “class” of people and giving it to another. She began to see that “good” people don’t intentionally lie to achieve their own desired result. And they certainly don’t make promises they either have no intention of keeping or were unable to fulfill. The color of ones skin, became less important and God’s will became intrinsic in her decision making. 6 months earlier, she could not conceive of NOT voting for liberals. Now, the thought of casting her vote for many of the principles the party stands for is repulsive.


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