Conservatives of All Colors Internship Program

To survive, grow and be more effective the conservative movement in America MUST become more diverse by reaching a greater number of ethnic-minorities. To achieve the representative clout it needs and deserves the ethnic-minority community must abandon stubborn on-sidedness and force all political persons and parties to compete for our votes.  Everyone knows this is true question most have is “how?” The Conservatives of All Colors Internship Program represents an important step for the future. Through this program the RMBC has begun placing young black & Hispanic minds into internships thus allowing them to experience for themselves the truths about conservatives, the values we hold and to experience our system of self-governance while at the same time breaking down stereotypes and communication barriers that exist on both sides of the ideological isle.

Younger generations of minorities do not have the same biases & preconceptions as those who lived the civil rights struggles of the past.  They are a much more open, persuadable book but we must reach out and engage.  Why not start communicating with them now?! Through this program we may well be raising up the Tim Scott’s, Mia Love’s and Allen West’s of tomorrow but even if not we are at least building necessary bridges and tearing down walls that have for too long stood.

As you explore these pages please consider supporting the RMBC in this very important effort.  Founded in 2011 by a small but determined group of in Colorado, the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives has been steadily building bridges between two distant communities – ethnic-minorities & political conservatives.  Now through our relationships with minority organizations like the NAACP, Urban League, Black Pastor’s Associations and those with conservative organizations and legislators we are uniquely positioned to locate quality interns, place them and grow conservative values in minority millennials.

This program is a necessary step to be sure, we must do doing a better job of reaching out, communicating with and developing relationships with young people and college campuses.  But this necessary effort is also expensive.  To make this program a reality we are in need of financial sponsors. If you’d be willing to support this effort please contribute today or email for more information.

The RMBC is accepting applications for the summer 2018 internship class right now! The first step to becoming an interns is to complete the form and submit it and a resume. If your application is accepted a telephone interview will be conducted to determine and final determination made. Slots are filling up fast so submit your application today.  Students must be 18 years of age or older and may come from any college or university any major (or undeclared) so long as currently enrolled.


Apply To Become An Intern

In addition to submitting this form, please email a copy of your resume to

Sponsor an intern!
Sending students to intern in Washington costs the RMBC about $5,000 per student. If you would like to sponsor all or a portion of a student’s life-changing experience CLICK HERE.
The RMBC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and all contributions are fully tax-deductible.