Summer 2017 Internship Class

The inaugural COAC internship class served a seven-week paid internship session in Washington D.C. from June 3 through July 22, 2017. Coming from across America, these nine outstanding young adults worked in and around Capital Hill; attended committee meetings, congressional hearings, and a variety of other functions; and worked directly with their legislative member and his or her Chief of Staff.

But the summer wasn’t all work and no play. They also toured museums, were granted private audiences with influential members of government, attended formal dinners, toured the White House, Capital Dome, and other federal monuments in addition to a host of other excursions. They worked hard, but they played hard too. And all came home with an experience like no other.

Meet the 2017 Conservatives of All Colors Internship class:

Jamari Hartley
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
School: St. John’s University – junior, pre-law major
Interned for U.S. Congressman Pete Sessions (Texas)

“An overall life-changing experience. Everything from the location of the dorms we lived in to getting to attend the Congressional baseball game to working with Congressional staff was first class. And, as a law student, I gained access to a network of people whom I probably would never have otherwise met.”

Catherine Hendrix
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
School: Pikes Peak College – sophomore, undecided major
Interned for U.S. Senator Cory Gardener (Colorado)

“The ability to not only see but participate in the nuts and bolts of our system of government was very eye-opening and informative. We learned more working in a senator’s office for a summer than most students do in three semesters of college because it’s not theoretical. It’s real life – you’re actually right there doing it day in and day out.”

Afriye Phillips
Hometown: Denver, CO
School: Oral Roberts University – graduated 2016 with a B.A. in divinity studies and business
Interned for U.S. Congressman Mike Gallagher (Wisconsin)

“Working on Capital Hill was an indescribable experience, but the excursions put together by the RMBC program that took us exploring places like the White House, various monuments, and museums was amazing. It was like a 7-week long dream vacation that we got paid to be on!”

Evan Rock
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
School: University of Arizona – graduated 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in business
Interned at the National Republican Congressional Committee

“Most people wonder what really goes on in Washington. We got to see first-hand and work directly with the people who are shaping the future of our country. We met people most Americans only see on TV and got to go places many never do – all as a part of this internship program. I can’t thank the RMBC enough for this amazing summer.”

Carene Simon
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
School: University of Maryland – graduate business student
Interned for U.S. Congressman Pete Sessions (Texas)

“Working on Capital Hill was a dream come true. You meet so many interesting, important and influential people and daily talk to constituents from other parts of the country. Helping manage how citizens communicate with their elected representatives made us an important link in the government chain. It was really an honor and a lot of fun.”

Grant May
Hometown: Fort Collins, CO
School: University of Northern Colorado – freshman, political science major
Interned for U.S. Congressman Ken Buck (Colorado)

“This summer was unlike anything I’ve ever done. I have friends who worked in fast food restaurants over the summer, whereas I got an all-expenses paid trip to the east coast, earned good money, worked in a fun and stimulating environment, met famous people, gained experience, and collected the business cards of people who will be in my life for decades to come.”

Gregory George
Hometown: Orlando, FL
School: Florida A& M University – sophomore, law major
Interned for U.S. Congressman Trey Gowdy (South Carolina)

“An overall eye-opening experience. My eyes were opened to the vast amount of things I can do with my law degree and how the large number of connections I now have on Capital Hill can help with that. I also learned that Congressman Gowdy is a great man. It’s unlikely I ever would have met him, let alone worked with him without the internship program.” 

Hannah Clark
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
School: University of Colorado, Colorado Springs – junior, criminal justice major
Interned for U.S. Senator Cory Gardener (Colorado)

“The entire summer was surreal. I had a feeling of awe every day over just being in such a historical place. I loved everything from the daily tasks while being at work to the various tours and getting to know my fellow interns. The entire summer was a blast!”

Kendall Watts
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
School: Grand Canyon University – g
raduate student with an M.A. in addiction counseling
Interned for U.S. Congresswoman Cathy McMorris-Rodgers (Washington)

“I loved, loved, loved it. Doing research on legislation was a great experience, and interacting with other Congressional members who’d come to our office was the highlight. I love the fact that so many influential people, like Senator Tim Scott, took time to meet and talk with us. The location of our dorm rooms was great, the tours were awesome, and all-in-all it was a dream summer.”

The COAC Internship Program costs participants nothing; in fact they MAKE money! Interns earn $1,500 for the seven-week session, plus their transportation costs to and from Washington D.C. are paid, as is housing for the summer.

COAC interns are housed in dorm rooms at George Washington University. An ideal location just a few stops down the Metro line from work/Capital Hill and within walking distance of shopping and restaurant districts.

As a result of this unique relationship with GWU, Mom and Dad can rest assured that their intern children have a place to sleep every night that is safe and secure. Our on-sight Group Coordinator serves as liaison between the RMBC and GWU, enforces reasonable curfews, arranges group excursions, including transportation logistics and more.

Speaking of excursions….

The 2017 internship class got to see first-hand how federal law enforcement works with a private tour of the Federal Bureau of Investigations building.

They went on tours and excursions, which included a private formal gala at economic policy think tank, The American Enterprise Institute, where they received personally signed copies of AEI President, Arthur Brooks’, latest book, Conservative Heart:


A private White House tour:

Interns met and received private audience with influential figures on Capital Hill:
U.S. Senator Tim Scott

South Korean Ambassador        U. S. Congresswoman Maxine Waters
Ahn Ho-Young

The National Museum of African American History and Culture opened in Washington D.C. last year, this past summer our interns visited and toured it.


The 2017 interns did all of this and much, much more. And now we are preparing to send our second intern class, the 2018 COAC Internship Class, off for another life-changing summer. If you are yourself or if you know of a potential intern, submit an application ASAP.
This program is entirely donor funded. If you’d like to contribute and help change the life of a young person in 2018, click here to contribute a gift of any size or become a monthly partner with the RMBC.