Derrick Wilburn

Derrick is the founder and Chairman of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives, Black & and the driving force behind the Conservatives of All Colors Internship Program. His organization’s and personal mission are to bridge the gap that exists between conservative political causes, parties, candidates and officer-holders and ethnic-minorities in the USA. He is published nationally on AllenBWest and  is heard on across America on Red State Radio.

Everyone knows the divide between minorities and conservatives must be healed, the question is, “how?” Through local meetings, film and radio programs, on-the-ground efforts, writing and social media his organizations are delivering the message of conservatism to ethnic-minorities and delivering the tools for effective inclusionary outreach to conservatives. An accomplished motivational speaker, Derrick delivers powerful messages to political and community action groups across the nation.

A sought after speaker/presenter he holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in marketing and economics, as well as a Master’s of Business Administration from the University of San Francisco, has served as a faculty adjunct in the undergraduate school of business at the University of Phoenix’s San Jose California campus, has written three books and is published daily by multiple internet news sites. Derrick has spoken at conferences, conventions, rallies, universities, and political gatherings across North America.

Derrick is published daily by multiple news services and blog sites. Follow him on American Thinker, Allen B West, Strident Conservative, Youtube, Twitter, Tea Party News Network, and


  1. It has been a pleasure listening. I like your strategy.

  2. Its been a pleasure listening.

  3. Hi Derrick, How about them Cubs after a 100 years taking the World Series?

  4. How refreshing. Your program is like a breath of fresh air. We need more programs like yours. Perhaps we can even the playground. Thank you Mr. Wilburn.

  5. Great to hear you on Rush today.

    Congrats on your PhD-Pigheaded Determination®

    Lead on!

    Mark W Chamberlain LLC
    PhD-Pigheaded Determination®

    Vision Board Mastermind

  6. Hi Derrick:

    I heard your interview with Mark Steyn today. Your internship sounds like a smart way to link the “younger” generations with the “older” conservative ideals in any community. Thanks for your hard work and forward planning.

  7. the University of Okla showed how minorities can succeed.

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