Do Conservatives Riot?

Do Conservatives Riot?

I have intentionally remained mostly silent as it relates to the Ferguson riots and all that surrounds that topic. Namely because I can’t think of a whole lot to say that either isn’t obvious or hasn’t already been said a thousand times over.

Was Mike Brown really this “gentle giant”? I do not know – never met the man. What we do know is that NONE of the eye-witnessed called to testify before the grand jury described a scene in which he was down on his knees, hands raised above his head in the universal “I surrender” position pleading, “Please don’t shoot me”, & was basically executed by the police officer. None.

We also know that his blood was 25 feet away from where his dead body lay. If he were “hands up” and shot, one would think his body & blood would be in the same place. If he were running/charging while being shot –as eyewitness accounts state– that would explain blood 25 feet from body.

Not a single witness, all of them black and some sympathetic to the victim’s case, relayed an account of events that included the “hands up” posture. That the NAACP, Congressional Black Caucus, NFL players and others insist upon recanting this falsehood speaks volumes as to their motives, credibility and willingness to be outright dishonest in pursuit of advancing an agenda.

There are three items I’d like to direct you to if you want a) an excellent, matter-of-fact analysis of material the grand jury had to weigh and an easy-to-understand presentation of the same, &, b) perspectives from a couple of black conservatives (one being myself) you may find interesting.

#1 is my column published on Freedom’s Journal last week. If you didn’t see it — I took a slightly different approach than most pundits. I wondered, “Do people who are fundamentally conservative or liberal go out and riot?” Here’s the link:
Do Conservatives Riot?

#2 is an absolutely stunning analysis by “Zo” (Alphonso Rachel.) If you’ve never seen his Youtube channel (ZoNation), you’re really missing something special. With this installment he throws down more truth in just 6 minutes than ABC/CBS/CNN/NBC have in the last 6 days. Amazing:
Democrat Cities are Dangerous Places to Live

#3 – The Washington Post produced an excellent, matter-of-fact, pictorial & written narrative of the sequence of events the day Michael Brown was shot, as pieced together by witnesses during grand jury testimony. Follow the link then you just have to click the “Next” button to scroll through the animations (12 total.) It provides a lot of clarity.
Washington Post: What Happened in Ferguson

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