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Headquartered in Colorado, we are drawing up plans even now for expansion into other states. The members of the RMBC are spreading the word to our colored brothers and sisters that conservatism is not the enemy.

It’s difficult, often time expensive work. But work that must get done by someone if something is ever to be done. The population makeup of America is turning more ethnically diverse, these population must be reached with the message of conservatism by those willing and able to deliver it.

There are those who deliver the message and those who send them. Both are necessary. If you would like to participate and help in this quest, donations of any amount are needed, welcomed and greatly appreciated.
The RMBC is a recognized 501(c)3 organization by the IRS and all contributions are fully tax deductible.

Click the “DONATE WITH PAYPAL” button below, then enter the amount you wish to donate on the page that will follow:



If you would prefer to donate by check please send your contribution to:

Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives
P.O. Box 50401
Colorado Springs, CO 80949-0401



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