“Police-free communities”?

Now that a few weeks have passed since the police-involved shooting of a black man, Keith Scott, in Charlotte the inevitable is happening – facts, additional information and (sadly) absurdities are beginning to come forth.

First the facts:

Brentley Vinson, the officer who shot Smith, is not only black himself he’s a graduate of Liberty University where he earned a degree in criminal justice, ran a popular student bible study on campus.  Described by his pastor, “You will not find a finer young man”, by all accounts he’s not a man whose life mission is to go around killing blacks without justification.

The same day Scott, who was 43 years old, was killed (September 20) police around the country also shot and killed five other men: Thomas Tucker-49, Sandy Joe Duke-43, Michael Goodale-23, Charles Dove-35, Joshua Scott- 22. All five were Caucasian, all were killed in the same 24-hour span via death-by-gunshot of a law enforcement officer. Yet there were no riots, no protests over the deaths of these five young men.

Keith Scott was carrying a stolen gun when he was shot. His wife, Rakeyia Scott, had filed a domestic violence protective order against him saying he was armed, violent and had threatened to kill her. In the restraining order she wrote “he carries a 9mm black.”  She also detailed how he hit her children, “’He hit my 8 year old in the head a total of three times with is [sic] fist,’ she wrote on the form published by TWC News. “He kicked me and threaten [sic] to kill us last night with his gun. He said he is a ‘killer’ and we should know that.” Oh, and the gun Scott was carrying had been stolen after a breaking and entering.

How is one of the founders of “Black Lives Matter” reacting to all of this?  By calling for “Police-free Communities.”  By her own admission Alicia Garza has not viewed police bodycam footage of the incident saying, “I think we know what it looks like when somebody is murdered.”

In an interview with Complex.com Garza had the following to say, “How do we stop violence, looting, and riots? The way that we stop that is by making sure that people have the things that they need to thrive. When people are systematically denied their right to adequate housing, adequate schools, to adequate food, to dignity—this is a response and a reaction that we should absolutely expect.”

Denied the “right” to housing, schools and food? Somebody should inform Ms. Garza that, via welfare and other entitlement programs, all of those things are provided to people in the United States for free! We even provide them to people who are not citizens of our country. But if such denial is true, well, who is denying black these “rights” (in our Democrat-controlled cities?)

Garza continued, ““Ultimately, policing in and of itself is problematic.  I know that in this country we give a lot of veneration to police. In the ethos of this country, police can do no wrong. And if and when police do wrong, it’s a case of individual bad apples, as opposed to a corroded and corrupt system… Quite frankly, many of our [Black Lives Matter] members are continuing to investigate what it would mean to have police-free communities.”

So there you have it. What we really need are communities where there are little or no police and people are free to pretty much do as they please. You know, kind of like,….in the midst of a riot?

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  1. Sounds like a good idea. Let’s establish a series of these “police free” communities in a few SANCTUARY CITIES and see how it works!

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