“Christian” university bans crosses, flags & censors 9/11 memorial

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all live our lives the way students on American college campuses do?  If we could be shielded, sheltered and protected from ever hearing, reading or seeing anything we may find distasteful or offensive. If we could run to “safety zones” in which no one we’d rather not encounter were allowed.

The degree to which colleges are willing to bend over backwards in order to prevent a student from encountering anything that might “trigger” them and cause hurt feelings took a quantum leap forward this week as the administrators of Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas Texas decreed that an annual 9/11  memorial must be relocated to a remote part of the school’s campus so as to “respect the right of all members of the community to avoid messages that are triggering, harmful, or harassing.”

Translation – to keep any of our delicate snowflakes from melting. The fiasco was covered by Campus Reform:

“Southern Methodist University (SMU) is relegating a memorial to the victims of 9/11 to a secluded area of campus, rather than the central location it had occupied in past years.

Members of the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter at SMU recently filed paperwork for their annual display of flags honoring the victims of 9/11, but administrators denied the request in order to “respect the right of all members of the community to avoid messages that are triggering, harmful, or harassing.”

The SMU YAF chapter, like many across the country, participates in the annual 9/11 Never Forget Project by creating a memorial on campus of 2,977 American flags, each representing a person who lost their life in the attack.

At SMU, the event has previously been held on the well-trafficked Dallas Hall Lawn, a prominent location on campus.

When chapter leaders submitted a request to set up the 9/11 memorial in the same location this year, however, they were notified that they are no longer allowed to use the main campus lawn because the university had implemented a “new policy regarding Memorial Lawn Displays.”

The email explained that a memorial lawn display “is any type of visual recognition or commemoration of an event or political or social issue,” noting that examples “include, but are not limited to: crosses, flags, etc.”

So flags and crosses are now considered inappropriate displays that may “trigger” those who see them. Crosses?! Does someone need to remind the people who run the place that THIS IS “SOUTHERN METHODIST UNIVERSITY”!!!

“The administration’s changing of locations to MoMac Park is solely intended to reduce foot traffic for any display our organizations put up. Less foot traffic means less complaints from students, faculty and local residents who are ‘triggered’ and ‘offended’ by the displays,” Drew Wicker, president of the SMU College Republicans, told Campus Reform.

The obvious question here is “Who is the administration of SMU so concerned with?”  Who are the people that may see a 9/11 memorial and become “triggered?”  Are they concerned that children or other relatives of those lost on 9/11 may see this memorial and have hurtful memories of lost loved ones re-bubble to the surface?  Or are they concerned that by seeing a memorial people may think of the truths that jihadist Muslim zealots attacked and killed innocent Americans?

Bet you can guess which one.

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  1. This sickens me as a graduate of SMU. I am hoping that the students will not let this happen! Shameful!

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