Hey Kaepernick, its just business!!

With the 2017 NFL season about a month away (1st regular season game is Sept. 7th) Colin Kaepernick is still unsigned, still without a contract, still without a job.  Despite the fact there’s no doubting the fact he’s one of the 96 best quarterbacks in the nation.  (32 teams each with 3 quarterbacks on its roster = 96.)

Some fans who believe Kaepernick is being ‘blackballed‘ by the league have launched a petition to boycott the NFL if he’s not signed by someone somewhere.  Yeah, good luck with that.

The numbers wanting to protest Kaepernick not having a job are dwarfed by those tuning the NFL out because of him & others like him.  NFL ratings were down sharply last year and according to a new poll from J.D. Power, the #1 reason fans decided not to watch the NFL last year was the national anthem protests.

Here’s what you need to understand Colin — its not about being blackballed its about BUSINESS.

The NFL is a business. NFL franchise owners are businessmen, very successful businessmen worth billions of dollars. They didn’t get where they are by being stupid.  Kaepernick went out of his way to offend a huge percentage –60, 70, maybe 80% or more— of the people who pay the bills!!

That helmet & uniform is the franchise owner’s brand.  You would be a fool to put someone on the field and on tv wearing your brand who has purposefully offended 80% or more your customers! Even if he’s your backup or third stringer every game your team plays a camera is going to be trained on him (on the sidelines) every single second of the broadcast & game announcers will be talking about him for the wrong reasons.

Imagine for a moment you own a fast food franchise, say a Burger King. And you have an employee who, whenever patrons enter the establishment the first thing is does is flip his middle finger at 80% of them.  Just *bam* an “f-you” middle finger to the face to 8 out of 10 as they walk in the door.  How long are you going to keep that guy in your team’s uniform?

If a team does sign Kaepernick, wanna know a franchise owner’s worst nightmare?

Kaepernick is the backup. The starter goes down with an injury, coach puts Colin in and 80,000 people start boo’ing and jeering.  (Which is sure to happen.) Imagine that scene.  Its one that would make Sportscenter, NBC Nightly News, Monday morning New York Times, Wall Street Journal and everywhere else.

Imagine that owners and his staff’s email inboxes the nest day. What NFL owner wants his team tied to that? Answer is simple.  None.

You disrespected our armed forces, made a mockery out of our flag and national anthem then topped it off by wearing socks on national tv depicting police officers as pigs.  But this is not about your hatred for America, the country which granted you a free college education + tens of millions of dollars of personal wealth, nor about your disdain for law enforcement.  This is about you suffering the consequences of your own decisions & actions and at the very end of the day, IT’S ABOUT BUSINESS.

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