Its time to MAKE “black lives matter!” How do we do that? ….like this

U.S. House Representative Elijah Cummings (D-Maryland) who for two decades has overseen some of his state’s most heavily black-populated precincts is so convinced that black lives matter that he wants it codified into law.

Elected to the House in 1996, Cummings is coming up on his 20th year representing Maryland’s 7th congressional district which includes over half of Baltimore City and most of Howard County. His district contains some of Maryland’s most “black” precincts, precincts in which statistics for crime and incarceration, homelessness, economic development, school drop-out, unemployment, drug conviction and out-of-wedlock birth rates all are consistently worse than both state and federal levels for all those same statistical categories.

Yet despite these facts Cummings believes its time for EVERYBODY ELSE to realize that black lives matter.  In a piece published on Cummings laid out his plan new plan, “Enacting “Black Lives Matter” into law“, stating [in part]:

“America is at an historic crossroads. Either we will move forward in 2016 with public policies that support greater opportunity for everyone or we will continue to sink deeper into economic inequality, injustice and violence.  These are the stakes in our current political struggles – and this is why Black lives should matter for everyone.”

Congressman Cummings then goes on to lay out specific steps he believes need to be taken in order to make black lives matter:

Step 1 – Criminal Justice Reform
Armed with the truth, Americans can no longer deny that the criminal justice system yields different results for different populations.

Tackling these disparities will require fundamental policy changes, ranging from how our police interact with our community to how sentencing disparities for different drug crimes affect different populations.

In order to achieve these goals, we must reform our criminal justice system through sweeping legislation at the federal level that I am proud to co-sponsor – legislation like the proposed SAFE Justice Act, Fair Chance Act, Police CAMERA Act, End Racial Profiling Act, and Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act.”

Step 2 – Economic Justice for Everyone
Black lives must matter more in the priorities of our nation, as must the lives of all Americans, and our lives must matter more in every important facet of American society.

This is why Senator Warren, [link added for emphasis] another progressives and I are fighting for middle class prosperity for everyone – for living wage jobs, affordable health care, strengthened Social Security and expanded federal education funding.

It also is why Senator Barbara Mikulski [link added for emphasis] and I are fighting to enact the REBUILD Act, which would appropriate more than $1.2 billion in emergency funding to address critical challenges facing our nation’s inner-city neighborhoods.”

Step 3 – A Multiracial Coalition is the Key to Success is to get rid of all the white conservative politicians:
“A Multi-Racial Coalition is the Key to Success.
Candidly, the current Republican majority in the Congress is unlikely to agree with REBUILD or other progressive initiatives. If we are to enshrine these reform proposals into law, we must first elect progressive leaders in 2016 and beyond.”

So to summarize Congressman Cumming’s ‘black lives matter’ legislation, we need to (1) Put fewer blacks in jail for crimes they commit, (2) Spend $1.2 BILLION to address “inequality”, (3) get rid of all or as many white Republican legislators as possible.

Apparently, if we accomplish these things then somehow black lives will matter more. Hopefully somebody tells the news to blacks (who are responsible for the overwhelming majority of deaths of other blacks), and Planned Parenthood (86% of whose clinics are located in majority-minority neighborhoods and who destroys, chops up and sells black baby parts for profit.

For some reason Congressman Cummings leaves out the Congressional Black Caucus‘, of which he’s a member, support for continued funding of Planned Parenthood which takes the lives of 1,400 unborn black babies every day.

Rather than look in the mirror and see what their decades of representation of heavily-black districts has wrought people like Cummings, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Maxine Waters, John Conyers just keep on trotting out the ‘ole reliables. And in black neighborhoods across America, how’s that been working out?


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  1. These black politicians and black caucus generally are relics of the past and the defeat of upward Mobility for black Americans hopefully more black Americans will begin to see how we have been exploited by the leadership and make a change

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