No matter who’s running it, State Dept. corruption just rolls along…

If the myriad pay-for-play schemes involving foreign entities, big-money donors and the Clinton Foundation hadn’t already caused a black enough eye for the Obama State Department we’re now learning that under the direction of John Kerry the corruption and malfeasance of the Clinton State Department years has continued rolling along.

Public opinion polls place politicians somewhere south of toe fungus on the popularity scale, want to know why? Here’s your answer.

This week a Daily Caller News Foundation report unveiled that under Kerry’s guidance the United States State Department has funneled more than nine million tax-payer dollars from the Department to a relatively vague nonprofit that was founded in Kerry’s home and is being run by his daughter!

If a person ever needed a textbook example of what cronyism is and how it works it’s the U.S. State Department and the Clinton Foundation and/or the U.S. State Department and Seed Global Health.

The hubris of these people is nothing short of startling. With the Clinton Foundation Bill, Hil and Chelsea at least tried to shield some of their glorified money laundering by establishing the “charity” as a Canadian partnership. The Kerry’s couldn’t be bothered with such details and founded Seed Global Health at 19 Louisburg Lane in Boston’s Beacon Hill.

“Where’s that?”, one might ask. Beacon Hill is the most expensive block in Boston (median home values around $7 million) and Kerry’s quaint abode at 19 Louisburg Lane is worth about $18 million according to Zillow. Boston Business Journal ranked Kerry’s house the third most valuable home in Boston in 2013. A real man of the little people, Kerry is.

The $9 million that’s made its way to Seed Global Health has been awarded through the Peace Corps to Seed Global Health since 2012.

Follow this now – the State Department earmarks and awards money under the Global Health Service Partnership , a Peace Corps-run program that “helps address critical shortages of health care professionals globally by sending physicians and nurses to work alongside local medical and nursing faculty to build institutional capacity and help strengthen the quality of medical and nursing education.”

Our State Department-funded the program which, coincidentally, Vanessa Kerry (the current Secretary of State’s daughter) created in conjunction with officials from both State and Peace Corps.  In an amazing twist of fate Seed Global Health has never been required to compete with other organizations for the funding. Imagine that.

As incredible as it may seem – that’s not the end of the monkey business.

Hillary Clinton headed the State Department in 2012 when Seed Global Health was formed and received its initial funding.  At that time Senator John Kerry (D-MA) was Chair of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and guess what? That Committee has oversight of both the Department of State and, …wait for it, wait for it,….the Peace Corps.

Seed Global Health then moved into an office at Massachusetts General Hospital, which happens to be the younger Kerry’s employer, her father then replaced Hillary as Secretary of State in 2013. Cozy, huh?

Secretary Kerry then announced the State Department-funded expansion of Seed Global Health at a December 2014 event and John Kerry’s State Department then funded an extension for Seed Global Health’s contract in 2015, even though the nonprofit did not meet the original agreement’s terms.  For its part the State Department maintains that there is “no conflict of interest.”

Americans of all political stripes have a blatant distrust of Washington. We wonder how it’s possible our public servants end up gazillionaires living in gated communities and sipping champagne while flying on private jets.

Wonder no more.


  1. When will I he tyrany be stopped? When will justice be meeted out to those who blatantly abuse our trust. To them that would so easily violate their oath of office should the chains of prison be bound.

  2. This situation should be earmarked for the DOJ and/ or the AG. Perhaps we need a new entity to oversee our lawmakers as the one in place clearly does not work.

  3. I am a 72 year old disabled Vietnam veteran and am proud to say I proudly wear my patriotism on my sleeves. Up through the 1980’s when Ronald Reagan was President I swore our government was free of corruption and our politicians were all honest and would defend the Constitution “to their deaths”. Then the Clinton’s came on the scene and America began to slide downhill through a landfill and is now floating in the sewer. People my age are shocked at what is being accepted as “normal” as our national morals, values and beliefs are rapidly disappearing. My grandkids know nothing about the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence because Academia throughout the world are in favor of Globalization that will eventually become a “One Government World” where a country’s national borders will no longer exist. America has always been a country of immigrants who added to our national heritage and culture. Today our political leaders are duplicating the leaders of Third World nations and are as corrupt and as criminal as any dictator in the world. I bet that what l the Clinton’s and Kerry’s have done with the State Department is only the tip of the iceberg and corruption is rampant on both sides of the political aisle. I used to wonder how so many politicians and bureaucrats earning a government salary retire as multimillionaires. Today I just know they are all corrupt criminals that should be wearing orange jumpsuits!!

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