Sharia invasion is about to come to Minnesota court room

In the latest edition of “the world’s most offended people” a pair of Muslim men in Minnesota have managed to (temporarily) vault past offended gays, LBTGQ’s, animal rights activists, Hollywood actors, global warming alarmists and pretty much every other progressive sub-group to capture the crown.

Apparently believing they have a constitutional right to take time away from their jobs while doing their jobs in order to pray five times a day, two Muslim men in Minnesota are suing their former employer -United Parcel Service- rather than simply seek employment with a company that honors their religious observance practices.

It’s the good ol’ “you must bend and conform to ME if I’m going to work for you, not the other way around” syndrome.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune is reporting on the lawsuit of Abdullahi Dahir and Abdifatah Hassan who have lawyered up behind the muscle of CAIR in an effort to bully UPS into allowing them to pray rather than work while on the job:

“The global shipping company United Parcel Service and an Edina staffing agency are being sued for allegedly barring Muslim workers from fulfilling their prayer requirements at the UPS warehouse facility in Mendota Heights and then firing them.

The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MN) is representing the plaintiffs in the lawsuit filed last week in Hennepin County District Court against UPS and Doherty Staffing Solutions on behalf of two line workers who were fired in June 2014.

Abdullahi Dahir and Abdifatah Hassan said they had been allowed to pray as needed while at work until UPS hired a new operations manager. That manager refused to let Muslim employees pray outside of regular break times and also warned them against using trips to the bathroom to fulfill their need to pray five times a day, the suit contends. Those who didn’t comply were fired, the suit alleges.”
The story then explains what should be the crux of the court trial if it comes to that:

Faced with losing his job or losing his religion,” CAIR-MN said in its statement announcing the suit, “Mr. Hassan and other Somali Muslim workers were forced out of their employment at the UPS facility.”

In this sentence CAIR explains that the men were given a choice, that they chose their religion over their jobs but then reaches the conclusion that they were forced out of their employment? No, you just explained it. They made their choice.

The Star-Trib column concludes with:

“There is no lawful reason for any company to stop Muslims from praying when previously that company had allowed such prayers in a manner that did not impact the workplace,” said CAIR-MN’s civil rights director Amir Malik, one of the plaintiffs’ attorneys.”

Seeing as how last month another Muslim man in Michigan filed suit seeking $100 million in damages against the Little Cesar’s pizza company because his pepperoni pizza had pepperonis on it – the “unspecified amount of damages” sought in this action could be quite a lofty number indeed.

The issue that could soon be facing a Minnesota court and eventually higher courts is whether or not citizens have a right to worship as they please and have that worship subsidized by their employer. Should the courts rule that such is the case are we now seeing the development of Muslims as a protected class in America?

In recent years we have seen the courts punish Christian bakeries over refusal to provide cakes for same-sex marriages. Cases in Colorado and Oregon saw business owners bullied into violating their religious beliefs by courts. If businesses can be forced on one hand to violate Christian convictions but on the other to honor Muslim practices is that equality for all? Is that not elevating one group or class of citizens above another?

The left’s decidedly pro-Islam but anti-Christian posture is becoming more evident by the day, but how or why they’ve adopted it is a question none on the left can answer.

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