MLK – Well, We Did It

MLK – Well, We Did It


Well, we did it. This past Monday was MLK Day & our third year of participation in the marade (march/parade) & festivities in what’s widely reported as the largest marade in the nation. As you quite likely know already, it was a smashing success. Made possible ONLY by your continued support.

Denver MLK Day 2014 was proof that grassroots activism works. We had a record turnout and most importantly the Colorado state GOP got behind the effort, showed up, supported us and took what’s hopefully the first of many, many future steps toward constant and consistent participation and involvement in such community and cultural activities.

We photographed the entire day and I’ve added commentary to an album on the ACofC Facebook. I won’t re-type all of those thoughts here. Rather, here’s the link…take a look & take a read when you’re able: Denver MLK Day Celebration 2014.

And we got plenty of media publicity as well. Pieces ran in the Colorado Springs Gazette and Colorado Business Journal, even overtly liberal outlets like Southside Business and the Denver Post ran articles on this historic event. I can’t WAIT for the day that conservatism is making headlines in publications like “Southside Business” all around the nation – for the right reasons!

Denver Post’s coverage

Our first year of participation (2012) there were 15 of us. We marched in the marade behind the SEIU & in front of the Teamsters! We had a banner about the size of a postage stamp, but we were out there. Then last year our group grew to 35. Monday we had a total of 72 marchers + a U.S. Congressman + various elected state representatives and candidates for office.

This was a major victory and step forward. And now there’s late-breaking news. I was contacted by and did a radio interview on a major talkshow in Detroit yesterday…wanting to know about our activities in Colorado and how we can work together to replicate our efforts and successes here, there. Then around 10 this morning my phone rang, displaying an “unrecognized number.” I answered and the voice on the other end said, “Hello Derrick, this is Congressman _________ (not at liberty to reveal yet), I’ve heard about what you’re doing out there in Colorado and would like to talk some about making it happen here in my district.”

We’re moving the needle, folks. No matter where in the nation you are, your financial contributions are just as important as our boots on the ground – b/c one could not exist without the other. So thank you to all who’ve contributed so generously, many of out of your lack not abundance. Our goal is to expand ACofC presence at MLK celebrations to five states next year. Could YOURS be one of them? If so, you need to hit “reply” right now! It won’t be easy. Won’t be free or even cheap for that matter. But its necessary! I’ve said all along that if we have to push this elephant uphill with a straw ….that’s exactly what we’re going to do! Well, we’re doing it.

Blessings on you all.


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