Everyone knows about the gap that exists between conservative political causes, parties and representatives and ethnic-minority communities. Its a wound that must be healed, a divide that must get bridged.  But how?

The first step is simple. Start showing up. Its true that people don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care.  What conservatives and minorities alike need to begin doing is showing up, meeting people,  developing familiarity, some face and name recognition. First we must work on developing relationships. With relationship comes mutual trust. Once trust begins to blossom then we can find ways of working together for the betterment of our communities and nation.

At the RMBC we walk it like we talk it. In these pages you’ll find photo journals of this fledgling group from Colorado who have the nerve to believe we can make a difference for our nation and are starting to do just that. We go out onto the streets, meet people face-to-face and get to know them. Its the way. Its the only way.

Herein is the story, as told in both words and pictures.