2014 Cinco de Mayo

Many have hear our “5-Point Plan for Ethnic-Minority Outreach.”  The main point of the Plan is to preach the fact that we conservatives FIRST need to put time & effort into developing relationships. Point #3 of the plan is “Calendar and attend the social & cultural events put on by the ethnic-minority community in your area.”  In Denver and many major cities, none is bigger than Cinco de Mayo.

Each of the past three years we had a booth and have encouraged others to have one at the Cinco de Mayo festival. Each May its a smashing success. Thank you to all our financial partners. Four years ago we just attended and walked the festivities (had no money.) Then we were able to purchase a 10×10 booth. Now we have a 10×20. Plus we spent the year traveling the state getting seeds planted regarding the importance of such events. Thanks to persistence, going on the radio, showing up at meetings, etc., there was a pretty good showing by elected officials and candidates for office.

Showing up. That’s how it starts.