‘Restore the Dream’ press conference

theTeaParty.net teamed up with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece, Dr. Alveda King to start a new initiative aimed at messaging specifically to inner-city communities in America’s metropolitan centers. The initiative is called “Restore the Dream” and it was formally kicked off with a press conference at Dr. King’s memorial in Washington D.C. Derrick Wilburn, Founder,  was one of the invited guest speakers.

Included in the line up: Niger Innis, Executive Director, Congress on Racial Equality; Star Parker, Founder, Urban Cure Dr.; Alveda King, Priests for Life; Wayne Dupree, Founder, WAAR Media Group; Todd Cerafatti, CEO Tea Party News Network; Alfonzo Aguilar, Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles; Lloyd Marcus, Conservative Campaign Committee; Alexndra Russo, Tea Party Nation [www.RestoretheDream2014.com]