What does a white person “act like?” I’ve got an idea; let’s go to a trailer park somewhere in south Mississippi and spend some time with the white people there. Then, let’s head to midtown Manhattan [where people pay $15 million for an apartment] and spend some time with the white people there. Then you tell me what exactly does a “white person act like”? I personally find little in life more amusing than people who believe themselves to be issuing an insult when in fact they are doing the exact opposite. As a black conservative examples of such ignorant lunacy populate my inbox onRead More →

Do you want to know where a totalitarian government with absolute power leads? Examples abound throughout history; none have ended up well for people who found themselves living under the thumb of such. All efforts to “master plan” a nation, culture and/or society have ended in utter disaster. Some of those disasters are still taking place on planet earth even today. You may well have never thought about it but people born in China since 1980 have no siblings. China is a society with no aunts, uncles or cousins. Ever consider that that? For the most part if you are 34 years or younger youRead More →

“WHY WE RIOT IS THE WRONG QUESTION” When riots and looting break out along with the general out-of-control behavior occurring in Ferguson Missouri right now most people ask the obvious question, “Why? Why are people doing this?” That is the wrong question. The correct question should not be “why?” but “where?” That’s because riotous behavior is startlingly consistent and, in America, occurs in but one place. The flash points that cause riots like the one we’re seeing in St. Louis County right now are singular events in time like the shooting of Michael Brown, the beating of Rodney King or the infrastructure decimation of post-KatrinaRead More →

It’s a matter of documentable and observable fact that Europe is now a collection of post-Christian nations. Though revival can and does happen in the darkest of place, facts for the moment are that church attendance there is beyond abysmal. Christian institutions such as marriage, baptism, etc. are by and large becoming things of the past. Couples in Europe (regardless of the definition of the notion of a “couple”) don’t bother getting married anymore. They just shack, have kids, and if the relationship fizzles – move on. There is nothing binding them like a marriage license or vows made before an Almighty deity. The moreRead More →

When you are an outspoken conservative (as I am) who spends many hours on social media each week (as I do), you begin to find certain recurring themes in either discussions with, or study of the voices and writings of, the political left in this country. There are certain themes which pop up again and again and again. Monthly, weekly, daily, hourly. Such take the form of talking points that political liberals have rehearsed so many times and are so ingrained into thought processes that they’ve transcended mere belief and are now ideological absolutes. (Meaning, many have convinced themselves these things are true even inRead More →