San Francisco preparing to BAN businesses it doesn’t like

San Francisco preparing to BAN businesses it doesn’t like

Just when you think “That’s it. There’s no way California can do anything to top this latest liberal Looneyland move”, good ‘ole Cali manages to top itself.  When it comes to California whether its flat-broke Los Angeles setting up a $10 million (taxpayer-funded) defense fund for illegal aliens or Cal-Berkeley pushing for $15/hour minimum wage, getting it, then laying off 500 minimum wage workers, in Cali the hits keep coming. Never to be outdone, now its again San Francisco’s turn.

Two members of San Francisco’s 11-person Board of Supervisors are introducing legislation that would ban the city from hiring or doing business with any company that places a bid, let alone accepts a contract position and does work on, President Trump’s proposed 2,000-mile long border wall.

The San Francisco Chronicle had this to say:

“Any company looking at President Trump’s proposed border wall between Mexico and the United States as a business opportunity may soon want to reconsider if it wants to do business with San Francisco.

Two supervisors will introduce legislation Tuesday that would bar San Francisco from contracting with companies that seek a deal to work on the wall during the bidding period, regardless of whether the companies win a contract.”

The Chronicle added:

“The bill is one of several similar proposals around the country, with the Bay Area leading the way.

The Berkeley City Council unanimously passed a resolution last week recommending the city divest from any company involved in any aspect of the project, and the Oakland City Council is set to vote on a measure Tuesday barring the city from entering into contracts with companies that work on the wall.

Assemblyman Phil Ting, D-San Francisco, introduced legislation Monday requiring the state’s pension funds to divest from companies involved in building the wall.

In New York, Assemblywoman Nily Rozic has introduced a bill that would ban the state from entering into contracts with companies working on the wall. New York City Public Advocate Letitia James is pushing a similar proposal, although it wouldn’t be an outright ban. The time is coming for companies to decide whether to bid on the wall.

On Friday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection solicited design proposals for the wall, which is to be about 2,000 miles long. Among the requirements: the wall be at least 18 feet tall and prevent the construction of tunnels at least 6 feet underground. Proposals must be submitted by March 29.”

The Chronicle did manage to get a common sense quote, “It is pretty harsh because a company is put in a bind, because if they were thinking about bidding on two jobs — to build the wall or work for San Francisco — they couldn’t do both,” said Thomas Joo, a professor at UC Davis School of Law who specializes in corporate governance and contract law. “

“Harsh” is putting it mildly. Liberals have now gone from ‘if we don’t like your practices we won’t do business with you’, to, ‘if we don’t like who else you do business with we won’t do business with you‘. These are the very same people who sue a bakery if it would prefer not to bake a cake, who riot and destroy property if a speaker they don’t like is invited to present. Who pepper spray fellow citizens in the face because of the ball cap they’re wearing. Yet who at the same time are accusing Trump (and anyone they disagree with) of being “fascists.”

Good ‘ole California.


  1. Tribal Consumerism has been around as long as Humans. I’m not so against it as I am disappointed that so few Christians and other seekers of truth do not participate in it. The modern church has forgotten that the Christ Himself whipped the purveyors of evil and greed out of His Father’s House. Many times I have read my Father’s Word and It said..and the Anger of the Lord rose up in….” Our weak churches that take on the form of Godliness but have no power lead the people astray.

  2. In regard to the $15 minimum wage. Aetna raised their entry level pay to $13 if I remember correctly a couple years ago when I worked for them. Then they outsourced many of that type of job to other countries. Made them look good in the media.

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