Should you pay a tax for being WHITE?

Should you pay a tax for being WHITE?

You’ve heard of “The Fair Tax.”  You’ve heard of the “Flat Tax.”  But how’s your knowledge of “The Equality Tax?”

Liberals are obsessed with “fairness”, “equality”, “social justice”, “white guilt” and racism, as everyone knows. And the further left on the political spectrum one ventures, the deeper and more pervasive these obsessions become.

Now one far, far left-leaning group has published a paper on claiming its time for a radical change in the U.S. tax code. It’s time for Caucasians to begin paying additional federal income tax for no reason other than the fact they are white.

A kooky idea? Sure. But then so was ceding from British rule.

The paper makes the following, bold opening claim:

“It’s irrefutable, white people are privileged. Recognition of this basic fact of life is not enough. It’s time to take action to level the economic playing field. At a time when PoC [people of color] is [sic] still tremendously disadvantaged, despite the best efforts of affirmative action policies, something else must be done.”

This paper and idea are fascinating for reasons other than grammatical incorrectness. The authors propose the following new tax scale:

This new tax initiative must account for several demographic factors in order to be the fairest, and most effective. The following could represent a potential tax breakdown based on these demographics factors:

  • >Single Heterosexual Caucasian Males Equality Tax: 5%
  • >Single Heterosexual Caucasian Females Equality Tax: 4.5%
  • > Married Heterosexual Caucasian Family Equality Tax: 4%
  • >Non-cisgender Caucasian Equality Tax: 3%

Yes, if you are a straight white male you must pay an additional five percent of your gross income into the federal government whom, presumably, must then find ways to distribute your money only to members of the PoC population. But apparently if you are gay then you have been discriminated against enough, historically, that though you’re white, you don’t have to pay the tax.

Since its original publishing Wesplain added the following:

“UPDATE (2/27): We have reached out to the author of this article. They have confirmed that if you were born white, but identify as a different race or otherkin, [we had to look this word up too – it means you identify as non-human. Seriously.] you would be void from paying the Equality Tax. You would just have to submit proof that this transformation is genuine.”

If you IDENTIFY as not being white, you’re ok.  So Rachel Dolezal and Shaun King, though white, would not have to pay this tax. Not only would they not have to pay it, presumably they’d be beneficiaries and could look forward to getting their checks in the mail. All these fake minorities would now actually be getting paid for their lies!

These people, Dolezal, King, Ward Churchill, Elizabeth Warren and others, have checked the yes box asking if they are ethnic-minorities, and taken money, scholarships, jobs and other resources designated for Americans who truly ARE ethnic-minorities. They’re all political leftists and now another group of political leftists wants to reward them for their dishonesty and robbing from true minorities by taking money from their true identity (white) and giving it to them in their fake roles, all in the name of social justice. Figure that one out.

This whole thing has Sigmund Freud rolling over in his grave.

[This article was written by Derrick Wilburn — who not only identifies as black, but is indeed authentically black]

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  1. Since white people will lie about their ethnicity to avoid the tax, DNA testing must be required. You must have at least 25% non-European DNA in order to be exempted.

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