The Mainstreaming of Cross-Dressing?

The Mainstreaming of Cross-Dressing?

In 2008 when candidate Barack Obama chose as his campaign slogan “Hope and Change” virtually all of us who were not swept up in the euphoria surrounding a young, seemingly bright, articulate, black candidate for president asked the glaringly obvious question, “Change from what to what?”

Sadly, tens of millions of Americans either never asked this basic question or simply didn’t care what the answer to it was if they did. And now we’re all finding out what some of the “change(s)” this man envisioned for our nation are.

From dismantling our military to all but abandoning Israel the list of “changes” is far too a tall, deep and wide to possibly delve into in a single newsletter (& keep that newsletter of a length that anyone would attempt to tackle.) So for now I’m going to focus on one such “change”; one that should be thoroughly alarming to anybody regardless of party affiliation.

Through out the history of mankind there has been ‘men’ and ‘women.’ Period. We used to have two genders; male and female. Thanks to the policy agenda of this administration that is now morphing into three; male, female, and “what I identify as.” The Obama administration is now saying that cross-dressing men must be treated like women, forcing employers that are federal contractors to install “gender neutral” facilities, and now schools in liberal parts of the nation are doing the same.

President Obama & A.G. General Eric Holder plan to recognize cross-dressing men as if they are women by re-interpreting the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

The Justice Department is now interpreting federal law to explicitly prohibit workplace discrimination against transgender people, according to a memo released by Holder. That means the Justice Department will be able to bring legal claims on behalf of people who say they’ve been discriminated against by state & local public employers. The federal government also will no longer take the position that Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act, which bans sex discrimination, does not protect against workplace discrimination on the basis of “GENDER STATUS”. Not “gender”, “gender status.” What, exactly, is “gender status”??

The memo is part of a broader Obama administration effort, the effort to introduce a new paradigm of three gender classifications. “The federal government’s approach to this issue has also evolved over time,” Holder wrote in the memo, saying his position was based on the “most straight forward reading of the law.”

Long story made short –if you’re an employer & one of your employees says he “IDENTIFIES” as a woman and you do not allow him to use the woman’s facilities or install special “gender neutral” facilities– get ready to be sued ….by the federal government!

That ‘gender unsure’ man can run to the U.S. Dept of ‘Justice’, scream “They won’t let me take showers in the woman’s showers, & God made a mistake – He gave me a penis but I’m not supposed to have one!” The United States government can take up that case, drag you & your company into court, force you to spend heaven knows how much to defend yourself & in the end you’ll lose anyway b/c the 64 Civil Rights Act is one strong, enduring piece of precedent – good luck beating it, even in this “re-interpreted” form.

This raises some interesting questions and possibilities: If we can “identify” as being another gender what else can we identify as?

How long will it be until someone, a Caucasian, brings a discrimination suit against the United Negro College Fund for denial of a scholarship on the basis of “I identify as being black”? “Yes, I may have light skin, but I have been identifying as black for over 10 years & as such am fully eligible for scholarship status.” How long until one of our nation’s few remaining all-women’s universities are similarly sued on the same basis? “I identify as an 18 year-old girl, let me in!”

Based on the announcement of the DOJ’s new interpretation of the 64 Civil Rights Act, the federal gov’t/DOJ itself would be compelled to carry such a suit. Girl Scouts? Boy Scouts? How about “I identify as a Native America Indian, that reservation on the other side of town is making millions off of those casinos & I demand, aka:am suing, to get my fair share of that money!”

How and where are the lines here?

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