YUGE 2018 internship program update!

YUGE 2018 internship program update!

If you’ve been following this organization, website or our newsletters for any time at all you’re familiar with the internship program we launched last year.  Last June we sent nine young, black-American college students to intern on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. for the summer.  We had the idea of taking millenial black-Americans & sending them to intern for conservative legislators so they could see up close & personally the truth about who conservatives are and what we believe so they could reach their own conclusions. Which is as it should be. Plus they were first-hand exposed to our system of self-governance which all Americans, young and old, need to be familiar and involved with

It was wildly successful. They came from across the country and they returned home forever changed. We paid for everything – their airfare, housing & the internship itself was paid. It was a first class operation.  What they really came home with was a new internal data-map about who conservatives are.

That was 2017.

The program was so successful that we received requests for 60 interns for summer 2018!  We’ve committed to 40. The effort to deliver on that commitment is in full swing.

The first phase of this program is recruiting the interns.  To do this we’ve been approaching our nation’s HBCU’s (Historically Black Colleges & Universities) with the same pitch we’ve had for years — ALL of us have to work together to tear this wall of separation down.  No one is winning.  This pointless war between the blacks & conservatives is producing no winners, least of all black communities.

I’m pleased to report that the institutions are responding positively.  This month I (founder & Chairman, Derrick Wilburn) conducted a recruiting meeting at Florida’s largest HBCU, Florida A&M University.  It went amazingly well.  We have received applications from at least eleven bright, highly-qualified students who very much want to experience the COAC internship program this summer.

From these pictures you can see some of FAMU’s beautiful campus in Tallahassee.


I was met by Mr. Christopher Anderson from FAMU’s Career Services Department whom I’ve been in communication with for months. Christopher has been completely open to the project and understanding of the mission. Its a pleasure to work with such forward-thinking individuals in higher education

I gave students and faculty an overview of our organization and the COAC mission and explained how the purpose of the program is to place YOU into a conservative legislator’s office so you can look, learn, experience, grow.  That if all we ever do is spend time with those who agree with us there is no growth and how we, as blacks, are better off communicating with and learning from conservatives than considering them “the enemy” and shutting down communication.

I told them “Just come with an open mind, meet me, hear what I have to say. All you have to lose in an hour.”  They came and guess what?
Of a total of 12 students in attendance,…12 submitted applications!! 

Friend, that’s moving the needle.  I was at Hillsdale College in Michigan last week where we sourced several great candidates and I’m heading to Colorado State University in Fort Collins and Mesa University in Grand Junction next.

Many of you are financial supporters of the RMBC.  This COULD NOT and WOULD NOT be happening without you.  Airplane tickets, rental cars, meals, hotel rooms all cost.

There are those who are called to go & those called to send those who are called to go.  Both are necessary.  We’re doing this the only way it can be done; 1 mind, 1 heart, 1 person at a time.
If you’re willing and able to support this effort your contributions are more needed and appreciated than you know.  Just click here to make a one-time contribution or even better, become a monthly partner.  Your money never goes into a black hole at the RMBC. We put it to work on the streets.

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