Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is under legal fire for multiple accusations of having raped, sexually assaulted and/or paid under-aged boys for sex. Fortunately for Murray he’s a liberal so the media is largely ignoring his legal struggles. But rather than lie low the hyper-progressive mayor of America’s 15th largest city is pushing his over-the-top progressive agenda harder than ever. Mayor Murry has now unveiled a scheme for taxing white privilege, and its about the kookiest thing since the advent of the three-ring circus. HeatStreet reports that Murray intends to end racism with a soda tax. But that’s not even the nuttiest part of the tale.Read More →

It wasn’t long ago in America that persons of high office were treated with dignity, deference and respect even by those with whom they had disagreement because they were public servants, held high office and we respected the office even if disliking the person in it. It also wasn’t long ago in America that younger generations showed respect for their elders if for no other reason than the fact they were elder. Over the weekend the snot-nosed 20-somethings graduating from the University of Norte Dame managed a show of blatant disrespect to a man who is both. Vice President Mike Pence -who also is theRead More →

Just when you think “That’s it. There’s no way California can do anything to top this latest liberal Looneyland move”, good ‘ole Cali manages to top itself.  When it comes to California whether its flat-broke Los Angeles setting up a $10 million (taxpayer-funded) defense fund for illegal aliens or Cal-Berkeley pushing for $15/hour minimum wage, getting it, then laying off 500 minimum wage workers, in Cali the hits keep coming. Never to be outdone, now its again San Francisco’s turn. Two members of San Francisco’s 11-person Board of Supervisors are introducing legislation that would ban the city from hiring or doing business with any companyRead More →

“You should be careful what you ask for, you just might get it” is an oft-used proverb to describe the principle of unintended consequences and that’s a principle currently visiting America’s left-leaning ‘green movement.’ For years this small but vocal corner of the population has been demonizing ‘big oil’, calling for an end to use of fossil fuels and a wholesale switch to renewable fuels, namely wind and solar. Greenies were elated when one of their own, Barack Obama, was twice elected to the Oval Office and with his full-fledged commitments to crush the coal industry, drive up the costs of petroleum-based energy sources andRead More →

In case you didn’t know it (and everybody does) our President is a part of the “open borders” crowd. Open borders proponents believe ‘there are no lines’. When you look at a map, globe or atlas it has lines drawn on it which depict borders; where one nation ends and another begins. In reality of course those lines do not exist. No one ever took a giant piece of chalk and drew them onto the face of the earth. The Obamas and open borders proponents of the world believe that if a person wants to live here there or wherever that it should be upRead More →