Now that I’m called one just about every day of my life in one place or another, let’s get something clear : I don’t mind being called an Uncle Tom for 3 reasons. 1. It makes me feel good. I must be doing something right. 2. It shows the ignorance of those labeling me with what they believe to be a derogatory term. In fact its a badge of honor as anyone who has read the book, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” or “Life Among the Lowly” by Harriet Beecher Stowe would agree. Uncle Tom was not the dimwitted, foot dragging, illiterate, docile cretin most Blacks believeRead More →

Just when you think “That’s it. There’s no way California can do anything to top this latest liberal Looneyland move”, good ‘ole Cali manages to top itself.  When it comes to California whether its flat-broke Los Angeles setting up a $10 million (taxpayer-funded) defense fund for illegal aliens or Cal-Berkeley pushing for $15/hour minimum wage, getting it, then laying off 500 minimum wage workers, in Cali the hits keep coming. Never to be outdone, now its again San Francisco’s turn. Two members of San Francisco’s 11-person Board of Supervisors are introducing legislation that would ban the city from hiring or doing business with any companyRead More →

Few places in America have a more monopolistic stranglehold on thought, are more hostile to divergent voices, and are home to larger populations of complete hypocrites than college towns. From coast-to-coast, cities like Berkeley, Ann Arbor, Boulder, Madison, Gainesville, Austin are renowned for being hotbeds of liberalism. Interestingly, while these pockets of supposed intellectual enlightenment pride themselves on being open, inclusive and tolerant in reality they are anything but. The fact is that higher academia in America is tolerant of all thought and voices, so long as they’re voices of agreement. Don’t believe it? Ask the likes of one of America’s most accomplished African-American femalesRead More →

When you are an outspoken conservative (as I am) who spends many hours on social media each week (as I do), you begin to find certain recurring themes in either discussions with, or study of the voices and writings of, the political left in this country. There are certain themes which pop up again and again and again. Monthly, weekly, daily, hourly. Such take the form of talking points that political liberals have rehearsed so many times and are so ingrained into thought processes that they’ve transcended mere belief and are now ideological absolutes. (Meaning, many have convinced themselves these things are true even inRead More →

It’s a matter of documentable and observable fact that Europe is now a collection of post-Christian nations. Though revival can and does happen in the darkest of place, facts for the moment are that church attendance there is beyond abysmal. Christian institutions such as marriage, baptism, etc. are by and large becoming things of the past. Couples in Europe (regardless of the definition of the notion of a “couple”) don’t bother getting married anymore. They just shack, have kids, and if the relationship fizzles – move on. There is nothing binding them like a marriage license or vows made before an Almighty deity. The moreRead More →