What does a white person “act like?” I’ve got an idea; let’s go to a trailer park somewhere in south Mississippi and spend some time with the white people there. Then, let’s head to midtown Manhattan [where people pay $15 million for an apartment] and spend some time with the white people there. Then you tell me what exactly does a “white person act like”? I personally find little in life more amusing than people who believe themselves to be issuing an insult when in fact they are doing the exact opposite. As a black conservative examples of such ignorant lunacy populate my inbox onRead More →

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is under legal fire for multiple accusations of having raped, sexually assaulted and/or paid under-aged boys for sex. Fortunately for Murray he’s a liberal so the media is largely ignoring his legal struggles. But rather than lie low the hyper-progressive mayor of America’s 15th largest city is pushing his over-the-top progressive agenda harder than ever. Mayor Murry has now unveiled a scheme for taxing white privilege, and its about the kookiest thing since the advent of the three-ring circus. HeatStreet reports that Murray intends to end racism with a soda tax. But that’s not even the nuttiest part of the tale.Read More →

“WHY WE RIOT IS THE WRONG QUESTION” When riots and looting break out along with the general out-of-control behavior occurring in Ferguson Missouri right now most people ask the obvious question, “Why? Why are people doing this?” That is the wrong question. The correct question should not be “why?” but “where?” That’s because riotous behavior is startlingly consistent and, in America, occurs in but one place. The flash points that cause riots like the one we’re seeing in St. Louis County right now are singular events in time like the shooting of Michael Brown, the beating of Rodney King or the infrastructure decimation of post-KatrinaRead More →

I received a communication recently from yet another one angry liberal screaming about how America is a racist nation that was founded by racists who owned slaves, yadda, etc., yadda. While a part of that narrative is true –some of our Constitution’s signers were slave owners– telling that part is only telling one half of the story. If we’re going to cite the fact that some of our founders were slave-owners its only fair to tell the other half of the slavery story too. Which is exactly what I did: “…as to your comments & belief that this is a racist nation, founded by racists,Read More →

You’ve heard of “The Fair Tax.”  You’ve heard of the “Flat Tax.”  But how’s your knowledge of “The Equality Tax?” Liberals are obsessed with “fairness”, “equality”, “social justice”, “white guilt” and racism, as everyone knows. And the further left on the political spectrum one ventures, the deeper and more pervasive these obsessions become. Now one far, far left-leaning group has published a paper on Wesplain.com claiming its time for a radical change in the U.S. tax code. It’s time for Caucasians to begin paying additional federal income tax for no reason other than the fact they are white. A kooky idea? Sure. But then soRead More →