To say that Donald Trump walked into a foreign affairs mess would be the greatest understatement since the captain of the Titanic was told to ‘watch out for icebergs.’  Thanks to ISIS the middle east is in a free fall.  Also thanks to ISIS nations of western Europe are scrambling to keep citizens safe.  Christians in Libya, Egypt, Somalia and other nations of northern Africa are being rounded up and executed.  Then there’s North Korea. With all these glowing embers needing to be watched the nation branded the world’s number one state-sponsor of terrorism, a country whose leadership has called America “the great Satan” andRead More →

Do you know a thing about orca penises? Do you care? The same questions could have been asked in 2010 about duck penises. No doubt the answers would’ve been the same. We might care if we had a little more knowledge about how much of our tax dollars are being spent to ‘study’ them. Patricia Brennan is hailed by some as a leading researcher. The woman is obsessed with marine animal genitalia. While a bit odd (to say the least) it’s also mostly harmless until taking into account the fact she’s funding her …quirky… obsession by blowing through taxpayer money. Currently a visiting lecturer atRead More →

Hollywood loves sequels. When properly planned out theyre pretty good: Back to the Future (Part II, anyway), Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter, Toy Story 2 and 3, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi from the first Star Wars Trilogy. But when done haphazardly and usually for reasons having little to do with telling the story itself you get the Star Wars Prequels, Hoodwinked 2, and the Jurassic Park series. This truism made me think of the Progressivism and today’s Democrat Party. Horror movies exist on franchises and theyre an incredible metaphor for Progressives. The caveat for Jason, Freddy, Pinhead, Michael Meyers Et al.,Read More →

What does a white person “act like?” I’ve got an idea; let’s go to a trailer park somewhere in south Mississippi and spend some time with the white people there. Then, let’s head to midtown Manhattan [where people pay $15 million for an apartment] and spend some time with the white people there. Then you tell me what exactly does a “white person act like”? I personally find little in life more amusing than people who believe themselves to be issuing an insult when in fact they are doing the exact opposite. As a black conservative examples of such ignorant lunacy populate my inbox onRead More →

Do you want to know where a totalitarian government with absolute power leads? Examples abound throughout history; none have ended up well for people who found themselves living under the thumb of such. All efforts to “master plan” a nation, culture and/or society have ended in utter disaster. Some of those disasters are still taking place on planet earth even today. You may well have never thought about it but people born in China since 1980 have no siblings. China is a society with no aunts, uncles or cousins. Ever consider that that? For the most part if you are 34 years or younger youRead More →