It (almost) happened again in another European city today. The Telegraph UK is reporting at this very moment that Belgian police have found knives: “Police in the northern Belgian city of Antwerp said on Thursday they had detained a man who tried to enter the main pedestrianised shopping street in a car at high speed, adding security in the city would be stepped up. “At about 11 am this morning a vehicle entered De Meir at high speed due to which pedestrians had to jump away,” a police spokesman told a news conference, referring to the street name. The Belgian prosecutor’s office said a 39 year old French nationalRead More →

In 2008 when candidate Barack Obama chose as his campaign slogan “Hope and Change” virtually all of us who were not swept up in the euphoria surrounding a young, seemingly bright, articulate, black candidate for president asked the glaringly obvious question, “Change from what to what?” Sadly, tens of millions of Americans either never asked this basic question or simply didn’t care what the answer to it was if they did. And now we’re all finding out what some of the “change(s)” this man envisioned for our nation are. From dismantling our military to all but abandoning Israel the list of “changes” is far tooRead More →

What will be the legacy of Barack Obama’s presidency? Obama is leaving behind a mess. A train wreck. An utter disaster. But fifty years from now what will his presidency be remembered for? The numbers and ways this president has failed are numerous; feckless foreign policy leading to a complete and total meltdown in the Middle East. More debt added than the previous 43 presidents combined. Civil unrest resulting in 10 riots, more than one per year, during his tenure. Citizens hunting (and killing) police in the streets. Lies told in order to pass a piece of legislation bearing his name that collapsed and cost theRead More →

“WHY WE RIOT IS THE WRONG QUESTION” When riots and looting break out along with the general out-of-control behavior occurring in Ferguson Missouri right now most people ask the obvious question, “Why? Why are people doing this?” That is the wrong question. The correct question should not be “why?” but “where?” That’s because riotous behavior is startlingly consistent and, in America, occurs in but one place. The flash points that cause riots like the one we’re seeing in St. Louis County right now are singular events in time like the shooting of Michael Brown, the beating of Rodney King or the infrastructure decimation of post-KatrinaRead More →

You’ve heard of “The Fair Tax.”  You’ve heard of the “Flat Tax.”  But how’s your knowledge of “The Equality Tax?” Liberals are obsessed with “fairness”, “equality”, “social justice”, “white guilt” and racism, as everyone knows. And the further left on the political spectrum one ventures, the deeper and more pervasive these obsessions become. Now one far, far left-leaning group has published a paper on claiming its time for a radical change in the U.S. tax code. It’s time for Caucasians to begin paying additional federal income tax for no reason other than the fact they are white. A kooky idea? Sure. But then soRead More →