Letters Of Recommendation About Our Speakers

“Dave Dorty, a Board of Advisors member of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives, graciously accepted the invitation to speak at our community’s “Meet the Republican Candidates” gathering. It was our pleasure to hear Dave’s inspiring presentation. His articulate baritone voice told us about the committed black conservatives, the RMBC, that want to turn around the last fifty years of liberal tax and spend social policies that have not been helpful to the black community and the American people in general.

Dave explained to the audience that the Republican Party was the party of Abe Lincoln that ended slavery and was the party of choice of black America until the 1960’s when the Democrats hijacked their votes and helped in the destruction of the black family using the Great Society policies of the Johnson Administration. Dave’s approach is biblically based in a time where secularism is taking over this country.

We highly recommend Dave to speak at any gathering to help the cause of restoring America to the greatness it once knew under conservative principles. If you want a speaker with enthusiasm, passion and a commitment to his country, Dave can deliver.” 

– Jim and Kathie Ruesch, Arapahoe County Republican Party


It was a pleasure for us to host Mike Jones as keynote speaker for our annual Cheyenne County Lincoln Day Brunch.  Mike was easy to work with and eager to come out to the eastern plains.  He clearly stated his speaking/presentation needs and we were able to have those accommodations set up prior to his arrival, thus very little set up time was needed when he arrived.

Mike was friendly and personable, making it easy for those in attendance to talk to him and ask questions, which Mike was eager to answer.  He shared the truths that conservative principles do not know color and that our principles are shared by many who generally do not consider themselves “conservatives” or “republicans” because of family history or the media or just a lack of any type of relationship conservatives.  We were encouraged to stretch ourselves out of our comfort zones and develop relationships with people who may look different than us, but still have the same values and desires for themselves and their families.

 We would heartily recommend you invite Mike Jones to speak to any group who shares conservative principles and values and has a desire to see America restored to the great nation and world power that she once was.  May we all join together in that goal.

 – Patricia Daugherty,  Chairman, Cheyenne County Republican Party,  Cheyenne Wells, Colorado



Recent elections clearly demonstrated that conservatives must do a better job of articulating our message to people of all socioeconomic backgrounds. It was with this goal in mind that I reached out to Derrick Wilburn, of Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives, and asked if he could provide a speaker to address our Lincoln Day Dinner, to help our local Republican Party better understand how we can be more effective in reaching minority voters in coming elections.
Sherrie Gibson was more than up to the task and delivered a practical five point plan for building relationships with African American and Latino voters. Sherrie’s passion and conviction about the power of conservative principals was evident and her articulate and enthusiastic presentation was well received by our group. If your organization wants to know more about how to have an impact with minority voters, I can enthusiastically recommend Sherrie Gibson as a speaker for your next event.
– Dave Moloney, Chairman, Routt County Republican Party, Routt County Colorado


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