The OTHER history of racism in America

The OTHER history of racism in America

I received a communication recently from yet another one angry liberal screaming about how America is a racist nation that was founded by racists who owned slaves, yadda, etc., yadda.

While a part of that narrative is true –some of our Constitution’s signers were slave owners– telling that part is only telling one half of the story. If we’re going to cite the fact that some of our founders were slave-owners its only fair to tell the other half of the slavery story too. Which is exactly what I did:

“…as to your comments & belief that this is a racist nation, founded by racists, steeped in racism and racist to the core – let me school you some since you clearly are in need of it. We had a little thing here called the Civil War. Here’s a simple backdrop:

Before becoming the USA we were colonies of a nation ruled by a king. This king was earning a mint by being involved in the slave trade. His empire, influence & fortune were huge and growing as a result of capturing and peddling human beings. His edict to the colonists was “England is a slave nation, therefore YOU will be a slave colony. Period. Like it or die.”

Once the English were kicked out of here some colonists –all of them WHITE– said, “No! No human being should own another. We must end this practice. Its morally wrong and we don’t want it in our nation! Period. Like it or die.”
And die they did. According to

Though the number of killed and wounded in the Civil War is not known precisely, most sources agree that the total number killed was between 640,000 and 700,000.

Union Civil War Casualties
Combat Deaths: Over 110,000
Other Deaths*: Over 250,000
Confederate Civil War Casualties
Combat Deaths: Over 95,000
Other Deaths*: Over 165,000
(*Other Deaths include, among others: disease (by far the most common cause of death), accidents, drowning, heat stroke, suicide, murder, execution.)

Civil War Casualties: The Bloodiest Battles
Battle Of Gettysburg: Over 50,000 casualties
Seven Days Battle: Over 35,000 casualties
Battle Of Chickamauga: Over 34,000 casualties
Battle Of Chancellorsville: Over 29,000 casualties
Battle Of The Wilderness: Over 24,000 casualties
Battle Of Antietam: Over 22,000 casualties
Second Battle Of Bull Run: Over 24,000 casualties
Battle Of Shiloh: Over 23,000 casualties
Battle Of Fredericksburg: Over 18,000 casualties
Cold Harbor: Over 18,000 casualties

Somewhere north of 200,000 —TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND— white people gave their lives in a war to free black slaves. Not because they were racists but because they were moralists. They recognized the right of all men to freedom and liberty, regardless of skin color.

And so to win the freedom, liberty and right to pursue happiness of a bunch of black slaves they didn’t know, would never meet, and who lived in states thousands of miles away …they gave their LIVES. They fought, were stabbed, shot and died of disease & infection in what we’d consider prehistoric conditions in which to live let alone engage in hand-to-hand warfare.

THIS TOO is the history of our nation. A nation founded by white people who recognized the evil of slavery and stamped it out, wiped it completely out of our country in just a little over 150 years. Find me another nation on earth that can say that.

Instead of being angry with & curing this nation, every morning you awaken you should drop to your knees and kiss the very ground upon which you stand for being born into & a citizen of the United States of America.”

So the next time someone says or types to you about how racist this nation’s history is, kindly acknowledge that they are right – but only half right. Then give ’em the rest of the story.


    1. Derrick, you have my profound respect and appreciation for your story, nay, fact telling. You show that we can have policy differences but not moral ones. Well done!

  1. Few know about the untold masses of Irish who slaved everyday along side the African. Many without starved without “masters” to feed their own property as an investment. But that is another story. I know this…NOTHING is more politically powerful in this day as a conservative of color. It totally debunks the progressive traitors ONLY playing card. Nice article and thank you for viewing the world eyes wide open. Keep up the fight of truth. Yea even fight for the cost of the children of those 200,000+ who were never born…

  2. Great post.

    What leftists don’t understand — or don’t want the public to understand — is that the American flag is the flag that ended slavery and Segregation. It is the flag of “all men are created equal.” It’s the flag under which so many Americans have fought and died, even for people from distant lands whose languages and cultures they didn’t understand.

    If you want to protest the injustices in America’s history, then do so, but blame the people who committed those crimes. The atrocities that Leftists claim to hate — and several that they should — belong to the Democrat Party.

    It was the Democrats who went to war under the Confederate flag to save slavery. Once that was taken from them, they created the KKK and imposed Segregation. The Trail of Tears, on which more than ten thousand American Indians (from the “Five Civilized Tribes”; they were just like us) perished, was the work of presidents Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren, both Democrats. The realization of Manifest Destiny in the Mexican-American War was the work of James K. Polk, another Democrat. The resegregating of the federal government, Woodrow Wilson, Democrat. The internment of American citizens during World War II, FDR.

    And that doesn’t include the slaughter of tens of millions of innocents, the abolition of Marriage, the mainstreaming of Communism and Islamic anti-Semitism, and the green-lighting of Iran’s nuclear genocide program — all of which belongs to the Democrat Party, too.

    Protest injustice, but make sure that you’re protesting against those who committed it.

  3. “growing as a result of capturing and peddling human beings”

    Dr. Henry Louis Gates reports that Europeans did not enter the hinterland to capture slaves but that they bought them from African slavers.

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