Letters Of Recommendation About Derrick

Let it be known that Mr. Derrick Wilburn, in the time that I have known him, has become a personal friend of mine. His uncompromising faith, integrity and personal ethics have instilled in me a trust in Derrick and have prompted me to recommend him to anyone that may be considering him as a representative or want to have him address their organization.

Ever since I have known Derrick, I have been involved with the American Conservatives of Color and have been impressed with his leadership style, his ability to instill loyalty in others and the people around him show a desire to do their best because of Derrick’s leadership.

Derrick has been a speaker, on several occasions, for The Southern Colorado TEA Party and has done an excellent job of inspiring and educating his audience. Derrick has also been involved with many Patriot and Liberty groups and organizations throughout Colorado and has been asked to return due to the energy of his speaking style.

I have the highest regard for Derrick and look forward to many more years of friendship and camaraderie with him and the many people that I meet through him. Thank you for considering this recommendation.

James A. Lutack, SOCO TEA Party Steering Committee, GOP 106 Precinct Leader
Pueblo, Colorado


Our group, “Liberty on the Rocks, Red Rocks” of Denver, CO was thrilled to have hosted Derrick as keynote speaker and was thoroughly blessed by his presentation. Derrick received exceptionally high marks from our group.  We found him extremely charismatic and motivational, with an authentic passion and drive to make a difference in people’s lives.

His personal success story, along with his forthright, straight-spoken approach to racial attitudes and divides, provides groups an additional opportunity for  challenging, yet meaningful and thought-provoking dialogue. Race relations and politics are topics to be delicately handled. Derrick does a masterful job of driving home critical points, treading onto sensitive ice and getting into difficult subject areas yet doing so without a hint of offense. Political relationships in this nation – on both sides of the isle – would benefit greatly from more interactions by the likes of Derrick Wilburn and the ACofC.

Jeff Sacco, Chapter President, Liberty on the Rocks, Red Rocks
Lakewood, Colorado


Without reservation I would like to wholeheartedly recommend Derrick Wilburn as a presenter and speaker. Having attended several American Conservatives of Color events, which Derrick hosted, along with other events where he has either MC’d or spoken, I have consistently witnessed firsthand his ability to captivate an audience while articulately and passionately conveying his message.

Derrick has amazing stage presence with a rare ability to “think on his feet” and never get caught speechless! He regularly sprinkles his presentations with humor and always engages the audience.

Whether you need a speaker for a small crowd in an intimate setting or to present to hundreds in a large venue, I would not hesitate to employ the services of Derrick Wilburn.

Ken Buck, Congressman, United States House of Representatives
Greeley, Colorado


Derrick Wilburn has the energy and creativity we need to move forward with our state party. He is committed to the principles of liberty and limited government that we all hold dear and I am confident his leadership will be a valuable asset for our election victories in 2016.

Kevin Lundberg
Colorado State Senator


Politics can be a confusing and frustrating endeavor at times. There are always lots of confusing claims and promises that go with the territory. We can, however, be sure that the old adage warning that continuing a similar behavior in hopes of a different outcome is still a fool’s errand. Therefore, when convinced that maintaining the status quo is harmful to our the protection of our liberties, we have a responsibility to act. That is why I heartily support Derrick Wilburn. It is all too evident that the heavy handed and illegal actions of the present leadership have created an environment in which trust and support have become impossible. Derrick has proven himself to be a visionary leader and a committed conservative. He is EXACTLY what our Party needs to reinvigorate loyalists and make us all proud again to claim the mantel of Republican.

Tom Tancredo
Former U.S. Congressman


Derrick Wilburn, dedicated, professional, driven, articulate, extremely intelligent, strong on traditional values, outspoken, honest. These are just some of the attributes that I have witnessed in Mr. Wilburn during the three years I have had the honor of associating with him. But one attribute I have not mentioned is that he is a true conservative, a man of integrity whose mission of espousing conservative principles has neither changed nor wavered. I believe the Republican Party will be well served with a Vice-Chair of Mr. Wilburn’s caliber and I strongly support him in that position.

Senator George A. Rivera


I am writing this letter to recommend Derrick Wilburn, Director of the American Conservatives of Color, as a speaker and presenter for his passionate cause and organization.

Derrick spoke to my Coffee4Conservatives’ group a few months ago.  Not only did my coffee patriots and I enjoy his compelling presentation, but his sense of humor and passion promoting his message to the black community really ignited a fire under all our feet that we have to step in and help.

His message that being “black and conservative not being mutually exclusive” is critical in helping to save our Republic, I personally commend Derrick for his courageous journey and hope he can continue to get his message out there.  It truly does resonate with every American.  We are in this fight together, and we each need to do our part to make sure we “right the ship.”

I personally appreciate Derrick’s commitment to preserve our freedoms and liberties and fervently root for him to work hard to convince the black community that the conservative way will really help their communities and better their lives.  I was stunned at the statistics he brought to the table when he spoke to my group and know that if he speaks at any organization, it will positively change anyone’s perspective and life.  God bless you Derrick.


Margo Knutson, Co-Founder/Developer, Coffee4Conservatives
Franktown, Colorado


I was setting up a meeting for CCM Denver Chapter and I needed a key note speaker on very short notice. I called Derrick to see if he could help me out and he did in a big way. Derrick immediately put my mind to rest with his reassuring demeanor that “everything will be handled.”

Derrick gave a presentation that was personal, witty, had tons of facts at the tip of his tongue and he did not use a tele-propter. He is someone you can trust and rely on to do a good job, to do what he promises and to do the “right thing 100% of the time”. I unequivocally recommend his attention to detail and his belief in client satisfaction.

Derrick has great energy and enthusiasm on his mission to ensure that future generations of Coloradans are blessed with the same God given Constitutional rights previous generations have sacrificed their lives preserving and protecting.

He wants to bring back some sorely needed common sense ideas with informative philosophies based on the truth. He believes in free markets, personal responsibility, individual liberty, the rule of law, faith, family, honesty, and integrity.

I will assure you that you’ve made the right choice if you have hired Derrick to speak at your next event.

Warmest Regards,

Roy Caldwell, President, CCM (Coalition For A Conservative Majority) Denver Chapter
Denver, Colorado


Revive1787, Ltd. has had the opportunity to collaborate with American Conservatives of Color on several empowering events for the grand interminable cause of liberty.

Derrick Wilburn continues to prove himself has a hallmark within our community through superior oratory in all aspects of true conservative principles.

Derrick will bring an energized professional stage presence to your event. On behalf of Revive1787 inaugural presentation, Derrick shared distinctly a jocular but perspicuous clarion call for support and partnership. He inherits a unique loquacious gift that will complement your experience with soundness in ideology and trustworthiness in faith.

Revive1787, Ltd. highly endorses Derrick Wilburn and his team of exceptional speakers for your consideration. Revive1787 only regrets having reserved his services this year in advance; hence timing is of the essence! Book your American Conservatives of Color liberty orator today and you will discover that your success and ACofC are not mutually exclusive.

Esse quam Videri,

Randy Mills, Founder Revive1787, Ltd.
Castle Rock, Colorado


Derrick, on behalf of the Gainesville Tea Party, I would like to thank you for your outstanding presentation of the Truth Transcends Color message that you delivered to a packed house.  Your energy, enthusiasm, and passion for America shine thru and your sense of humor immediately prepared the room to receive your powerful 5 Point Plan.  I was told by local loyal Tea Party members as well as other guests that this was the BEST event of its kind they had ever attended in Gainesville and that you were an “amazing speaker.”  The elected officials present agreed that you shared some very important ideas that will indeed help them be re-elected in 2014.  You also motivated and inspired many of us in the room to TAKE ACTION on helping them and many other conservatives to be elected by implementing the points you shared with us.  Thank you so much for bringing your “A” game.  It will be my pleasure to host you again and I will strongly recommend you as a keynote speaker to our friends and patriots in other conservative groups around the nation.

 Continued Success in All Your Endeavors!!

Sherrie McKnight
Event Co-ordinator, Gainesville Florida Tea Party
Executive Producer, Truth BeTold Media


In today’s America, we need warriors!  Proven warriors who will fight for freedom and lead to liberty. Warriors who embrace this Nation’s values and who have the courage to expand those values to an ever-widening audience. I know such a warrior and, by this message, I recommend Derrick Wilburn. Derrick has been our battlefield warrior long before it became popular. He has been a writer, speaker, organizer…but mostly he has been a warrior for good.

Sincerely, your friend from the bayous of Louisiana,

Sen. Elbert Guillory


To all Colorado Republicans,

Many of you have watched Derrick in action. There is no one like Derrick. Liberals fear Derrick Wilburn. Derrick is a proven dynamic leader and inspiring speaker who is fundamentally grounded in Constitutional Republicanism. Derrick understands how to grow the Republican party to include many groups who have been historically unable to access the Party. As Vice Chair to our Colorado State Republican Party, Derrick will be a critical Team member in transforming our Party to a State Republican Party that wins more elections and more effectively communicates the Conservative message to Independents and Democrats.

Ed Sutton
Evergreen Tea Party


As a nationally-know conservative pundit and analyst Derrick is a regular guest on my radio program, Chosen Generation, and has become a good personal friend as well. He is a strong conservative voice that understands the issues at hand and is unafraid to speak the truth. He represents values that transcend color and articulates why those values are essential for the well being of our nation. He seeks unity without compromise and is able to articulate the issues in a way that brings all people together. I believe that he will be a great asset to the Colorado Republican Party as its State Vice Chair.

In His service,

Pastor Greg Young
Host of the Chosen Generation Radio Show
San Antonio, Texas


I first encountered Derrick Wilburn in 2013 when I had the honor of participating in one of his “Truth Transcends Color” events at our Tea Party rally in Gainesville. We again met when Derrick took time out and came to one of our small towns here in North Florida in 2014 to speak about getting the grassroots motivated and engaged.  I was impressed that he was taking the time and making the effort to share his experiences and knowledge with our local conservatives. His practical plans for inclusion are what America needs. His work ethic and perspective will go a long way in helping Colorado go red in 2016.

United States Congressman Ted S. Yoho


Dear Derrick,

When I met you at the State Central Committee meeting in 2013 I had just finished supporting Mark Baisley in his failed run for State GOP Chairman. In this current election cycle when Mark announced that he was NOT running against Chairman Call and was actually endorsing Chairman Call and running essentially as a “slate” of candidates I was very disappointed. It seemed an effort by Mark Baisley to “Cooperate to graduate” instead of being the leading Liberty proponent that I had always hoped he would be.

‘Cooperate to graduate’ has been the model of management that the Colorado GOP has accepted for far too long.

Many of us on the State Central Committee agree that management instead of Leadership is what we have come to expect. As a former Marine Officer I know what leadership entails and I know that ‘go along to get along’ is not leadership. We need leaders in the Colorado GOP who are willing to not only articulate their own ideas and relationships but to reward and generate innovation, creativity and accountability in all of those with whom we work and elect. Our leaders need to lead us to victory – not accept a status quo for the State House and Senate and for the National GOP offices we all desire for Colorado’s success. We need leaders who are capable of articulating the freedom and liberty issues.

Derrick, you are a leader.

I saw your leadership on the stage at the 2013 Assembly. I saw your leadership in the event we co-produced with you and American Conservatives of Color along with Broomfield GOP. I’ve seen and heard your leadership countless times on the radio and in person. You are dynamic, thoughtful, intelligent and exceedingly capable. I don’t see you sitting back and letting others dictate to you the terms of the position. The outreach to non-traditional GOP voters based upon our core Constitutional based beliefs and policies is exactly the correct path to take. I know that you will help lead the Colorado GOP to success and victory.

To Victory!

Tim Ziegler
2nd Vice Chair
Broomfield County GOP


I had the pleasure of meeting Derrick several years ago, and like many of us today that are active in politics he was frustrated by what was going on in our state and country. He channeled that frustration into something positive and decided to get involved and work on much needed outreach to the ethnic-minority communities. His organizations, Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives, American Conservatives of Color, are doing what the Republican Party should have been doing for the past 50 years.

Derrick Wilburn is exactly what our State GOP needs! We Republicans will benefit greatly from his organization skills, knowledge, can-do-attitude of “failure is not an option.” Derrick is a man of ACTION; an outstanding communicator and an inspiration to all with. He has an outstanding organization by recruiting like-minded individuals and formulating a team of all-volunteer, motivated individuals. Sound like local politics at all?


Solomon Martinez
Larimer County Bonus Member and Champion of Hispanic Outreach


I have followed Derrick’s blog for several years and have heard him speak in person multiple times. His patriotism and love for this country, as well as his love for Colorado, come through clearly in everything he writes and says. He is intelligent, articulate, and very well informed. He takes the time to research issues before he addresses them and it shows in his writing.

I believe Derrick will bring a new and fresh perspective to the Central Committee. With Derrick in the position of Vice Chairman I believe our state will do a much better job of reaching out to voters of color in our state, an area we are sorely lacking.

Derrick is becoming very well known around the country as a political activist and motivational speaker, rubbing shoulders and sharing the stage with great conservative men like Colonel Allen West, Dr. Alveda King and others. He brings many things to the table that not many others can.


Kayla J Bay
Otero County GOP Secretary


Derrick Wilburn is a dedicated Republican conservative and brings enthusiastic, demonstrated organizational skills to serve the future needs of the Colorado Republican Party.

It’s a rare occurrence when someone with Derrick’s selfless motivation comes along. With nothing but hard work and dedication, he has had amazing success with the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives and the American Conservatives of Color in developing a workable plan to bring ethnic minorities to the Republican Party. This success will be immeasurably beneficial to the Colorado GOP.

It is my honor to wholeheartedly endorse Derrick Wilburn. I encourage others to support him, too.

Richard Hollabaugh, Chairman
Fremont County Republican Central Committee


I have known Derrick for several years and have witnessed his tireless efforts to deliver the conservative message to the black community through his organizations, American Conservatives of Color, and Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives.

His vision, and common sense ideas, for a big tent Republican Party is critical to moving our party towards being more inclusive of minorities. It is not a secret that without a significant increase of voters from the Black and Hispanic communities in particular, Republicans will have a difficult, if not impossible, task of winning future elections.

The current state GOP administration has not demonstrated an understanding of the importance of supporting minority coalitions. I speak from personal experience when I say that they have done little more than pay lip service to this important cause.

New leadership in the chairman and vice-chair positions is critical at this time. We need fresh and innovative ideas with a new leadership team that will actually take a hands on approach to changing the face of the Republican party without compromising conservative ideals.

Thank you,

Hugo Chavez-Rey
Colorado Hispanic Republicans


In my years on radio, in political circles, and as a political candidate, I can only compile a short list of officials & candidates who I’ve met that are committed above all else to conservative principles.

Derrick Wilburn is one of the names on that list.  He is committed to spreading the message of true conservatism across all boundaries and is not afraid of obstacles or objections that might appear along the way.

In these troubled times, we need defenders of the Constitution to arise at every level.  This is why I offer my endorsement to Derrick Wilburn.

Jimmy Lakey
Talk Show Host on 600KCOL, Entrepreneur, & Humanitarian


Dear Friends,

Just three short years ago, I met a patriot and man of principle.  I met a man who loves his country more than himself.  Not only does he talk the talk, he walks the walk. Derrick is extremely articulate, well educated, and a proven Constitutional Conservative.  His leadership skills and passion for grassroots involvement are second to none.  Derrick has a vision for the Colorado State GOP that will undoubtedly lead our party to new successes in the near future.  For his dedication to always doing the right thing, no matter what road-blocks are put in his path, I wholeheartedly endorse Derrick Wilburn.

Bill Elder
El Paso County Sheriff


Derrick Wilburn is the type of leader the Republican Party needs as it moves into the future.  He is energetic, intelligent, articulate and tireless in his pursuit of expanding the party within the ranks of voters of color as well as the young and the disenfranchised.  His strong Christian beliefs and commitment to conservative principles are an asset to our party’s leadership.

Rep. Jim Wilson


It’s an amazing amount of work to form a group and have that group become a political force state-wide and known nationally. Derrick Wilburn has managed to do that with his CO-based group.

 Derrick’s strategic thinking, and “action” mentality will serve the Republican Part of CO well.

The fact that Derrick is instrumental in the Tea Party movement, yet remains a staunch Republican will allow him to utilize tools that the Republican Party has forgotten.

 The party needs thinkers, but more importantly it needs doers. Derrick is both.


Kevin Jackson, Executive Director 
The Black Sphere, LLC, http://theblacksphere.net
Author of Amazon best-selling books: 

Sexy Brilliance and Other Political Lies on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble and The BIG Black Lie
Syndicated radio show host at WGUL 860 in Tampa FL (Salem)


Derrick Wilburn will be outstanding as Vice Chair of the Colorado State Republican Party. As the founder and leader of American Conservatives of Color he has demonstrated an amazing work ethic, he is hardworking, energetic, and has the core values this party needs. Derrick is a true leader and organizer who will work tirelessly to ensure success of the Republican Party in November of 2016.  I cannot think of a better messenger of our conservative core values to the people of the state of Colorado. With Derrick as our Vice Chair we can make a difference in 2016. I wholeheartedly endorse him and look forward to the positive changes he brings our party and state.

Dan May, District Attorney
Colorado Fourth Judicial District


Derrick Wilburn is the anthesis of a leader in the GOP. I had the honor of hosting him for one of his “Truth Transcends Color” events in Green Bay as chairman of the Brown County Republican Party. Our audience was engaged, energized and excited to go out and make a difference following his presentation, and we even gained membership because of his excellent articulation of what it means to be a conservative. Derrick’s leadership and vision will be a true asset to any GOP organization he comes in contact with, and that organization will be so much stronger with him guiding the ship. I encourage all to stand with Derrick Wilburn as he does everything he can to make a difference and make the Colorado GOP a national leader. He will set the standard.

Mark Becker
Brown County Wisconsin Republican Party


The Teaparty.net is one of the organizations that helped start a movement that’s forever changed America. The sporadic protests of April of 2009 wherein patriotic Americans everywhere said, “We’ve had ENOUGH of a tyrannical government!” galvanized into what’s known as the “Tea Party movement”. I serve at the head of an organization that helped start it all. Thru my years in the Tea Party/Liberty movement I’ve traveled the nation, spoken at conventions and rallies; to leaders in Washington and grassroot activists on Main Street. In all those travels and conversations I have met few people more impressive, inspirational or devoted to the liberty cause than Derrick Wilburn.

With little more than the change in his pocket Derrick started a movement of his own and has begun shaking the Republican Party at its core. Drive, grit, determination and talent have propelled Derrick into an realm of political activism occupied by few other Americans, let alone black-Americans. We’ve stood shoulder-to-shoulder for the cause of liberty – his words are a call-to-action for all who love America, our constitution and way of life.

I whole heartedly endorse Derrick Wilburn. Coloradans can rest assured that a true warrior in the fight for freedom has been added to their ranks.

Niger Innis, Executive Director
The Teaparty.net
Tea Party News Network






  1. Derrick —

    Saw your “New SHOCK theory emerges…” article on Allen West’s site. Wanted to give you a big THANK YOU.

    Great job. Please keep it up (i.e. amplify it).

    Thanks again.


  2. Can I simply say what a relief to search out somebody who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You positively know the best way to bring a difficulty to light and make it important. Extra people need to learn this and perceive this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more fashionable since you undoubtedly have the gift.

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