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Born and raised in Boston, MA during the racially turbulent 1970’s and 80’s in which the city was consumed by violence and demonstrations due to court ordered public school desegregation, Mike Jones was one of the first students to be enrolled in a then brand new Boston program called “Metco” that voluntarily bused inner-city minority children to white suburban public schools. The program was set up to allow inner-city kids the opportunity to get a better education than what was available in the city at that time. Mike went on to earn a B.S. mass communications from Emerson College in Boston. He spent the next 23 years working on-air in radio and the music industry as an executive all over the country.

Throughout his life Mike was a liberal and once famously quoted, “No black man has any business being a republican.“ “That stereotype of all conservatives as racists was thrown around in my circle of influence and was never challenged”. That changed in 2003 when Mike moved to Colorado with his wife and two small children, met some businessmen thru his Air Force officer brother and who exposed him to the “other side” of that liberal viewpoint.

Mike’s passion now is to help educate and open the minds of the young and minorities. Thru his affiliation with theRMBC, Mike is available to speak about his experiences and journey to become a conservative to illustrate that there’s diversity in the conservative movement. “I want to work thru the culture and the community to help bring more youth and minorities from the progressive left poison to conservative ideals. It’s critical in order to preserve liberty and freedom in America.”


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