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Casper Stockham was born in Bridgeport CT and grew up in a very liberal/progressive household. His father was heavy into politics and even ran a campaign office for Jimmy Carter’s presidential election.  By the time he joined the Air Force at the age of 17 he was very liberal and very angry – proudly proclaiming to hate “all things conservative and most things white.”

After Ronald Reagan’s win over Jimmy Carter in 1980, Casper was not a happy man and was certain things would be getting much worse under those evil conservatives.

Sure enough one of Reagan’s first actions regarding the military was to begin trimming off unnecessary programs. One of the programs Reagan cut was an officer training program – that made it easier for minorities to qualify by lowering the grade threshold needed to stay in it – for minorities that he was enrolled in.

One day while complaining about the program, he realized that the program had been cut but he was still in class! Imagine that? “I don’t need Uncle Sam’s assistance, I can do this on my own merit!” This epiphany was the humble beginning of Casper’s conservative conversion. He realized he did not need the program to succeed in the military. Over the years he started to look at every program and came to the conclusion that even though they have good intentions most cause more harm than good. While still in the Air Force Casper went on to obtain his Associates degree in Business Management from the University of Maryland.

Today Casper is an author, speaker, trainer and business owner in the Denver area and has worked in and around the marketing and direct sales industry for over 30 years. He has personally trained 1000’s of people all around the world in direct sales, J.I.T. (just in time, Lean manufacturing, marketing, time management & goal setting.

Casper is a natural leader and has a deep passion for conservative values. He currently serves as President of the RMBC’s Denver chapter and is assisting the organization’s growth to national prominence.


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