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Headquartered in Colorado, we are drawing up plans even now for expansion into other states. Many would like to see the ranks of the conservative movement become more ethnically diverse but silently wonder, “What can I do?”

Supporting groups like the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives is one thing that YOU can do today.

Like any organization, we have on going expenses: websites, legal fees, travel-related expenses, photocopies, etc. Reliable monthly partners provide a revenue base off of which we can project growth and expansion plans.

Your commitment of a monthly amount –whether large or small– helps establish that base and fuels our ability to grow and expand into other markets. With your help and support we’ll soon have a chapter near you!

Become a partner by donating automatically each month.

Click the “DONATE WITH PAYPAL” to go to Paypal. On the next page, enter the amount you wish to donate each month, click the box “Make This Recurring (Monthly)”, then submit your credit card info after you have made your selections:



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  1. thanks for the work you are doing. I will mail a donation to help you!

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