Book a Speaker

Our passion is to spread the word that black and conservative are NOT mutually exclusive. Effectively spreading that word means sharing it. The message needs to be shared with two audiences;

The minority community needs to see and hear that conservatism is not the enemy. That the tenets of conservatism – smaller government filling a limited role, fiscal responsibility, personal liberty and self-determination – work for all people, regardless of skin color.

The conservative community needs to see and hear that developing and delivering a message to diverse communities is not only the right thing to do, but is necessary to it’s very survival. As conservatives we have philosophies, ideas and plans that work, but are doomed if we cannot win elections. We cannot win elections if the ever-growing brown/black segment of the population continues to shun us. Conservative groups, organizations and elected officials must become proficient at reaching out to and communicating with the local minority community.

The American Conservatives of Color have a stable of articulate, humorous, engaging and thoroughly capable public speakers. We’d like nothing more than to address your organization. Whether a political group, a church congregation, a rally in the park, or just neighbors seeking to better the community. If you’d like to host an ACofC speaker at an upcoming function, contact us and we’ll make it happen.