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The Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives exists to serve persons of color in the great states of the western USA. We believe:

1. The fact that 90% of black Americans vote in a one-sided manner is detrimental to our communities, families and standing as citizens.

2. Political candidates and parties ought to earn our votes through public debate on their stances on policies, not simply as a result of the letter appearing after their names on a ballot.

3. Persons of color in the United States hold many truly conservative values but live in fear of being stigmatized for voting those values. As a result we often vote in a manner that is contrary to our interests and the interests of our communities. The Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives brings together blacks and Latinos and helps spread the word that there is nothing wrong with being colored and conservative – “YOU ARE NOT ALONE”.

4. Neither political party has a lock on virtue or on vice. Party affiliation is not nearly as important as values and personal integrity.

5. Predominantly minority communities are better served by persons and legislation that enables them to build from within. The continuing string of handouts from the federal government are little more than band aids that do not address the root wound. We need to (re)build our communities from the inside, out. No the outside in.

6. It is time the invisible wall of separation between people of color and conservative and/or republican candidates, party(s) and elected officials be torn down! We only harm ourselves by refusing to engage in discussion with a political entity because we may disagree on specific policies or issues. Even contentious communication is far better than no communication at all.

7. God and country matter. The church has traditionally played a central role in our communities, and still should. Christian/biblical principles of living build a society; secular/humanist ones tear it down.



  1. Will you be meeting this Saturday? If so, what time and where? I am conservative and believe in what you are doing.

  2. May GOD bless you with success that surpasses your expectations. “We the people of the United States” NEED you to succeed!!!! Thank you @allenwest for the info.

  3. What is a ‘conservative’? What is the difference between ‘people of color’ and ‘colored people’? Is being identified as a conservative, whatever that is, important enough to warrant association with a group that embraces and courts support from avowed racists?

    1. Author

      Which “group that embraces and courts support from avowed racists” are you referring to?

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