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David Dorty born in Sagimahari, Japan, to Murray Dorty and Willie Mae Dixon and early in his life moved back to the USA. At only four years old, Dave got an all-too-early lesson about life in the inner-city when he lost his father to gang violence. His mother remarried a military man and because of his step-father’s military career, Dave attended school throughout the country. He graduated from Peabody High School in Louisiana then attended Southern University and LSU, where he was the President of Black Affairs from 1977 to 1978.

After a short stint with a number of radio stations and a TV station, Dave moved to northern Colorado and worked for KIMN. He has written editorials and developed editorial cartoons for the Fort Collins Coloradoan, the Fort Collins Comic News, and other newspapers in northern and western Colorado. Additionally, he has recently published Ripples—a paranormal, yet inspirational, love story.

As an activist, Dave has worked with Americans For Prosperity and multiple county, state and federal office campaigns manning phone banks, conducting precinct walks and generally motivating the masses to involvement in their system of self-governance. He serves on both the RMBC leadership committee and has spoken at rallies and gatherings across Colorado and the western United States.

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