A World With No Aunts and Uncles

A World With No Aunts and Uncles

Do you want to know where a totalitarian government with absolute power leads? Examples abound throughout history; none have ended up well for people who found themselves living under the thumb of such. All efforts to “master plan” a nation, culture and/or society have ended in utter disaster. Some of those disasters are still taking place on planet earth even today.

You may well have never thought about it but people born in China since 1980 have no siblings. China is a society with no aunts, uncles or cousins. Ever consider that that? For the most part if you are 34 years or younger you have no brothers or sisters. Neither does anybody else. Meaning no aunts, uncles or cousins.

This the result of China’s “One Child” policy which was put into place in 1979. I originally wrote and posted photos about this on our Facebook, if you’d like to see images of the propaganda the Chinese government has used for decades + see some fascinating data charts which depict precisely what this incredibly heavy-handed governmental bondage has done; click here. By the way, this is a policy which your Vice President told the Chinese regime that “he understands.”

The effects of this misguided regulation of life’s most basic of right (to produce offspring) will affect the world of tomorrow in ways currently unimaginable. China’s economy is a train wreck awaiting. People get old, exceed their working years & years of being able to produce/contribute to the nation’s economy. When that happens younger workers come up behind them and fill the hole. What does a nation do when families have had but one child but there’s soon to be 3 1/2 decades worth of ‘two people existing the workforce for every one entering it’? How will the elderly be supported? Old people cost money. They break down more. They need more meds, etc. How would this model be workable in your household let alone a nation of 1.35 billion people? Can any economy survive the long-term effects of such dynamics?

To make matters worse, restricting families to just one child placed a disproportionate value on baby boys, particularly in rural areas. Boys are stronger, boys can do more work. Of China’s 3+ decades of state-forced abortions or infanticide, the overwhelming majority of babies destroyed were little girls. What happens to a society & culture when all of a sudden its men have no potential mates? When there simply aren’t enough women to go around for tens of millions men? One thing we know happens – a black market for women. Organized crime elements in other parts of the region/world grab women off the streets (or wherever they can find them), force them into trafficking/slave networks, and sell them. And the other possibilities aren’t nearly as pleasant.

And out-of-control government is the most dangerous thing to human liberties. Not bombs. Not machine guns. Not machetes. Those who think they know all, can plan all, are intellectually superior to the masses and therefore can best determine what is best for those masses have done more harm to human kind than any H-bomb ever possibly could.

How does it all start? With governmental policies which that government claims are in the public interest (they may well be.) Then policies it claims are in the world’s best interest or in the best interest of the planet’s environment, etc..

If it has its way government will decide whether or not we purchase insurance, how much and what we pay for it; what type of light bulbs we may buy; how much energy each of us can use; the quantity of water we may consume each day; how many calories our children consume at school and from what sources; how frequently we may get a colonoscopy; how far we may live from the job we occupy; how many times per year we can fly aboard a commercial aircraft; how many large our backyard garden can be & what we can grow in them; how many children we can have. And ultimately, whether we live or die.

Don’t believe it? Keep your eye on China. As their nation reaches the point of having one healthy, working-aged person for every two 88 year olds – life and death decisions for the elderly will, by necessity, become a matter for governmental oversight. There is no way around it, the numbers simply do not add up. Oh, and what do you do when the unintended consequences of your first round of short-sighted, ill-conceived laws begin to show up? You pass more laws that are intended to fix the problems created by the first ones: China Orders Children to Visit Their Aging Parents

Government unchecked will always tend toward running out of control. It can happen here, patriot. It can and it will unless We the People rise up and stop it! The good news is, we have a mechanism to stop it. Are you in the fight? Are you asking elected officials tough questions and supporting candidates with constitutional positions? Are you being the somebody?

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